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Blog takeover – Meet the people who keep the lights on at Red Cross

24 April 2019

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a fantastic Easter (and if you’re reading this after ANZAC Day – welcome back!).

For those I haven’t yet met, I am Katrina Harrison, and have taken over Judy’s blog this week.

I’m Head of Customer Experience within the Engagement & Support Directorate. We're advocates and champions of those who ‘give’ to Red Cross: whether that be through financial support, their time, their networks or their voice.

Understanding Red Cross customers

Why does Red Cross need to understand customer experience?
We’re seeing a shift in the way people engage with charities. People want us to be transparent, they want to see the impact they’ve made, and they want to choose how they engage with us.

A well-designed experience can stand alongside our legacy, trust and programs to ensure we remain relevant and front of mind when people decide to give. Our supporters and customers are the people who help ‘keep the lights on’ and ensure we are ready to deliver support wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

What do we know about our customers? 

Not surprisingly, an organisation of our scale and breadth attracts a wide variety of people, from different backgrounds, with different reasons for giving. In the past year, our team has surveyed around 5,000 people, run focus groups and workshops with hundreds more, and conducted one-on-one interviews with more than 50 people.

What is common across all those we have spoken to is a desire to make a difference, to contribute to something bigger, and trust in our ability to get help where it’s needed.

What does that means for our next campaign?
For the Tax Appeal, our biggest fundraising campaign of the year, we’ll be looking to connect with our customers in three key areas:

  • Their belief in the importance of helping others
  • Stories from two areas of keen interest: disaster relief and helping young people succeed
  • Helping our customers admire and respect the people Red Cross supports

Stories worth telling

“Any one of us can get to a point where we need help and that’s where Red Cross stands out as a beacon of hope. We help people in need.” – Willem, a Red Cross volunteer and member with a lifelong connection to the organisation

Through our team’s work, we are very lucky to gather stories of why people give in different ways, whether that be a sense of civic duty, building positive karma for the future, instilling values in children, or repaying a kindness given to them in their own time of need.

I had the great privilege of meeting Willem and his wife Anne; his story is an example of the incredible legacy of this organisation and the mosaic of different people who choose to give.

What's next for customer experience

We’re focussed on delivering better products, services and interactions with Red Cross for all those who give – I’ll be joining Judy’s next staff Q&A to talk a little more about the insights we have gathered on the people who give, opportunities for attracting new people to us, and some of the programs we have initiated to drive engagement, loyalty and fostering lifelong connections of giving.

In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about our work or have an opportunity to explore - I’d love to hear from you.

Katrina Harrison