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Roundtables + donate your winter clothes

16 April 2018

Hi everyone,

It’s been one year since we launched our East Africa Food Crisis Appeal to support people facing starvation and malnutrition in East Africa. To date the appeal has raised almost $2 million. Check out how the money has been used and meet some of the people we have helped.

Our aid worker Jess Lees recently returned to Somaliland for a second time. On her first visit 25 million people were facing starvation and disease. “Today that number is down to 15.2 million, due in part to a huge humanitarian intervention that managed to prevent large-scale famine from being declared.”

Reconciliation Roundtable

Reconciliation matters to us – very deeply, very personally. It’s an invitation to come together and create a better Australia.

So last week we brought leaders from business, government, NGOs and academia, together with Reconciliation Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak bodies. We wanted to see how we might make a deeper collective impact.

The conversations explored our shared history, its painful truths and its ongoing impact. We talked about how to create opportunities for all young people to succeed and be proud of who they are. We talked about employment pathways and strengthening services. And we talked honestly about where we’d succeeded and failed.

From these conversations came ways to make reconciliation to make it something with a deep and unique meaning for every one of us. Something that’s part of our very DNA.

Loneliness Roundtable

Last Thursday we held two events about loneliness, in partnership with Swinburne University.

First was a roundtable with 20 CEOs to discuss the issue and the impact it’s having across a diverse range of services. This was followed by a public lecture by Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a world-leading expert in loneliness, who shared extensive research indicating loneliness is now the highest predictor to shortening life. More than 250 people attended the lecture.

After the lecture was a Q&A and Kerry McGrath stepped in for me at the last moment. She did a fantastic job answering questions from the audience who were keen to hear about practical ways we can positively impact loneliness through creating deeper social connections.

The lecture and Q&A were broadcast live on our YouTube channel and you can watch the replay here.

We will be shortly launching a new initiative ‘Beat Loneliness’, trialling strategies that build awareness of and action on loneliness by targeting millennials through e-sports and grassroots sports teams.

Over your winter clothes? Don’t bin them, donate them

Our retail team launches a national donation drive today, as they get ready for winter. And they have arranged for donation wheelie bins to be set up in many Red Cross offices all over the country.

Retail are particularly after donations of winter clothing and menswear – supplies of which are low in our warehouses. By donating clothes you’ll be helping reduce landfill and raising funds for our humanitarian work.

Look out for a wheelie bin in your office. Our op shops accept quality clothing donations and accessories. If it's good enough quality to give to a friend then it's something we'd love.

If your office doesn’t have a donation bin and would like one, email Jordana-Lee ( from retail and she find out if we can get one to you.