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Socials for social change, NAIDOC Awards + Are you a puffer fish or a Blue Marlin?

12 June 2019

Are you a puffer fish or a Blue Marlin?

Hi everyone, 

Last week we faced a concerted phishing attack. Many of you got phished - that is, sent emails by cyber attackers with the specific intent of getting you to click on the email. When this happens, it gives the attackers access to email accounts so they can then send more emails internally and externally and compromise more accounts. The subsequent emails appear more legitimate as they originate from an email account. Our diligent IT team moved very fast and locked the seven accounts involved thereby locking out the attackers.

Phishing is a big risk for us all. We stopped this attack but if we hadn’t, the attackers could have used stolen information, injected viruses onto our networks, compromised our systems and - if you use similar passwords at home - fraudulently used information to attack your personal accounts. 

Talk about being connected – each one of us relies on every other one of us not being tricked by a phishing attacker. Sheesh.

In the fishing world, Blue Marlins are notoriously hard to catch, puffer fish on the other hand will turn up when a hook appears and take a nibble.  

We need to be Blue Marlins:

  • be suspicious of strange emails (brevity, poor grammar, weird email addresses, use of images as links etc) 
  • only use your Red Cross account details in official Red Cross systems (i.e. they have URL)
  • do not use your Red Cross password on other websites or IT systems 
  • use PassPhrases and maintain a very strong password

Finally, use multi-factor protection. That means you have a password, then the system sends you a code to use. Turn on multi-factor authentication for all your accounts (via settings) - particularly third party systems (Facebook, Twitter, Campaign Monitor, Funraisn) if you use your email to access. This will mean that even if someone gets your password they cannot log in to your account.

Let’s be Blue Marlins because only together can we protect each other.

The Society of Women Leaders Giving Circle

The Society of Women Leaders (SWL) is a community of committed women leaders and philanthropists. I’ve asked Anita Pahor (Chair, SWL) to share a little about the Giving Circle – engaging women from all backgrounds to come together to forge friendships and further the work of Red Cross. Have a read at her account below.

By Anita Pahor

As the financial year-end approaches, I reflect on the outcomes achieved by the unique partnership between Red Cross and the volunteer donor group known as the Society of Women Leaders. Ours is a genuine partnership based on mutual respect, a focus on humanitarian outcomes and a passion to mobilise women in Australia who want to make our world a kinder, fairer and better place.

Strategic philanthropy is a powerful force. Seeking measurable humanitarian outcomes by partnering with the world’s biggest humanitarian agency is a smart way to operate - and the Society of Women Leaders is filled with smart operators.

Our model is quite simple. We are a membership-based group led by a team of committed volunteers. To join our giving circle, a woman donates a minimum of $10,000 to Australian Red Cross every year. Once a member, she is entitled to vote on where funds are allocated at the SWL Annual Members Meeting each November. From there, our progress is tracked and reported at events and meetings throughout the year.

Our target for this financial year was to raise $570,000 to fund our chosen programs that focus on women, girls and families. It was a stretch, but we were confident that through focus and hard work we could reach our goal by 30 June. Due to growth in our membership and the generosity of our sponsors, we had surpassed our target by mid-May! We are now busy raising additional funds for new Red Cross projects.

SWL is more than a fundraising group. The collective of bright minds and well-networked women are also mobilised through our new initiative – the SWL Think Tank. Here, when Judy has an issue she is wrestling with, she sends out a call and SWL answers. While we are excellent fundraisers, Judy sees us as much more than that - and rightfully so. With a spirit of excellence, a good work ethic, efficient governance and a healthy partnership with the Red Cross, we are indeed strategic philanthropists.

However, I don’t credit the unprecedented growth and achievements of SWL to a focus on strategic philanthropy. What I see across this growing cohort of women in NSW, Victoria and Queensland is a deep desire to love other people, to serve humanity and to give back to the community. These women are motivated by compassion. They put self interest aside to focus on collective philanthropy. They speak with a united voice and they are optimistic about the future - a future they are shaping each and every day. They give freely of their time and resources because they are motivated by love. By no means part of the value proposition, but an undeniable by-product of this collective giving model, is a spirit of sisterhood that can’t be ignored. It’s palpable and it’s lovely. In a world where there is so much bad news, negativity and anxiety flooding our content channels, SWL is a solutions-oriented, love-fuelled and powerful collective where women are finding a place of belonging while shaping a better world.

The Society of Women Leaders could not exist without Red Cross. On behalf of the SWL sisterhood, I would like to thank each and every volunteer, member and staffer that calls Red Cross ‘home’. We salute you and are so proud to stand alongside you in this important humanitarian work. Let’s continue to bring our best to our endeavours and in the words of International Aid Worker, Anne Carey, let’s have the courage to be kind.

RedxYouth: Socials for social change

Our REDxYouth members will be hosting showcases, podcasts and webinars on issues, skills and causes that are of interest and/or led by young people. The first one is tonight at 7pm and is about using social media for social change. It's led by National Youth Advisory Committee Chair Marlee Silva, an amazing storyteller who also founded Tiddas 4 Tiddas - an Insta movement focussed on celebrating young Indigenous women.

Please don't forget to share this event with any young people in your networks who might be interested.  

Red Cross NAIDOC week awards

NAIDOC Week is an important week for Red Cross and all Australians to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, histories and achievements.

For the fifth year, Red Cross will run our own NAIDOC Awards honouring outstanding First Nations’ staff, members and volunteers, in the categories of Creativity and Innovation, Leadership and Young Person.

Past recipients have done everything from reviving local language and culture for pre-schoolers, to creating a safe place for young people or ensuring Indigenous voices are amplified.

You can nominate an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff member, volunteer or member by 5pm AEST on Monday 24 June. The timeframe’s VERY tight so make sure you get your nomination in on time.

If you’re looking for inspiration, read about last year’s winners.

That's all for this week.