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Hello from Judy Slatyer

Weekly updates and insights from the CEO of Australian Red Cross.

Every week Judy Slatyer, our CEO, updates staff about what she's been doing. She's keen to share these weekly updates and insights into her working week with you, our members and volunteers. Find out what's going on right here – and feel free to email Judy with your thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

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The ongoing impact of COVID | Returning to workplaces and working flexibly | New CFO/COO appointment

26 June 2020

National Refugee Week | Doing responsible business in armed conflict | Gift of life

19 June 2020

Blog takeover - International Programs and Movement Relations teams

11 June 2020

Rejecting racism in all its forms | National Reconciliation Week | What we've achieved during COVID-19 so far

5 June 2020

In this together

27 May 2020

National Reconciliation Week | Bushfire response | Communities – dynamic people supporting each other

22 May 2020

What do we want to keep from these COVID-19 times | Biosecurity Act in SA | Taking COVID action: Different & Digital

15 May 2020

Tippy taps on Tiwi Islands | Global concert series | Poetry in COVID-19

7 May 2020

Connecting througout COVID | World Red Cross Red Crescent Day | Spread hope and kindness

30 April 2020

ANZAC Day | Bushfires Report | A podcast and a phone call to keep you socially connected

24 April 2020

Adding a bit of sparkle around the world

15 April 2020

Flattening the curve | Sharing the load | Bushfire grants update

9 April 2020

We’re all in this together | Activities from National Societies | COVID-19 in war-torn countries

2 April 2020

We're thinking about you | Our Pandemic Plan | Staying connected

27 March 2020

Looking after yourself | New bushfire grants | Importance of donating blood

20 March 2020

Declaration of a global pandemic | 72 days of support from the Incident Management Team | Blog takeover

12 March 2020

Bushfire response and recovery | Red Cross Calling | A thank you from Jim

4 March 2020

Humanitarian Impact of Climate Change | Social Connection | Register.Find.Reunite stood down

20 February 2020

Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations | Closing the Gap | REDxYouth Activators

13 February 2020

Further immediate bushfire assistance | Coronavirus | Are you game for Liferun?

5 February 2020

Messages of support | Recovery takes time | We’ve got so much to do yet

28 January 2020

Donations working hard to support bushfire impacted communities

23 January 2020

Coming together to support communities

17 January 2020

Strength and solidarity during difficult times

8 January 2020

Courage and resilience within communities | Reflections on Geneva | Staying connected this Christmas

20 December 2019

Standing by our colleagues in NZ | The Constellation Project wrap event | In Search of Safety

12 December 2019

New IFRC Secretary General | Fundraising Institute of Australia Awards | International Volunteer Day

5 December 2019

Wins of the week | Florence Nightingale Medal recipients | Working with Australia’s national science agency

27 November 2019

Updates on the bushfires | CEO report | Our bravest and most enduring tech trend

21 November 2019

Take care during bushfire emergency | QBE partnerships | 11/11

13 November 2019

Updates from New Zealand | NSW Australian of the Year | Blog takeover

7 November 2019

We All Connect | Taking preparedness action to scale | Wongari means dingo

31 October 2019

Emergency Response Fund Bill | Running for Good | What will the world be like in 50 years?

23 October 2019

Typhoon Hagibis | #Goodhumans | Preserving space for humanitarian action in northeast Syria

17 October 2019

AGMs celebrate | Exciting announcements | More Fires in NSW & QLD

10 October 2019

Now is the time to get disaster-ready

2 October 2019

Joy of Many Colours | Australian Business Roundtable | What is the cost of doing nothing?

26 September 2019

Climate change is a humanitarian issue | World First Aid Day | My Team app

18 September 2019

Disaster season hits early | A powerful story on ABC | User-testing migrant support

11 September 2019

Board update | reflecting on FY19 | Farewell to three humanitarians

4 September 2019

The Identity Project, Getting prepared for summer + Upcoming Branch initiatives

28 August 2019

Colours of the wind, Justice in Blacktown + Do you remember Jobe Adams?

20 August 2019

What does it mean to be a humanitarian?

14 August 2019

Garma, 70 years since the Geneva Conventions + The Power of Vulnerability

8 August 2019

Everyone counts, It’s time to declutter + We Play, We Learn, We Belong

31 July 2019

Lives on hold, Srebrenica anniversary + Trauma Teddy

24 July 2019

Flooding in South Asia, Heatwave guide + Blog takeover

17 July 2019

#CallforCode, Tiddas 4 Tiddas + Help Australian Farmers Appeal – A Year On

10 July 2019

NAIDOC Awards winners, NAIDOC events + Different drivers for giving

2 July 2019

Building community connections + What makes you feel at home?

26 June 2019

Building a humanitarian nation, Cooks, Books and a bit of Harry Potter

19 June 2019

Socials for social change, NAIDOC Awards + Are you a puffer fish or a Blue Marlin?

12 June 2019

An accidental ethicist, Getting Agile + Justice work in SA

5 June 2019

From a square to a quilt + My reconciliation journey

28 May 2019

The magic + Making a world of difference

22 May 2019

Our Board, A crucial day + “A white jumper is the thread that ties….”

15 May 2019

World Red Cross Day, Wide brown land + How do you save a million people from a cyclone?

8 May 2019

Anzac Day, My Team app + Sri Lanka response

30 April 2019

Blog takeover – Meet the people who keep the lights on at Red Cross

24 April 2019

Our strategy, volunteers in the prison system + how to #ThinkHuman

17 April 2019

Game of Thrones, Inspiring leader + Reconciliation in Recovery

9 April 2019

Partnerships and caring, Restoring Family Links + 'More Homes' Social Lab

3 April 2019

Supporting others during tough times, Our Pulse + Heat

26 March 2019

‘I have run out of tears’, a light on homelessness + Red Cross Calling

19 March 2019

The Identity Project, Maps, Galiwin’ku and Magic

13 March 2019

Victoria fires, Modern slavery + My first theme for Red Cross Calling

6 March 2019

Red Cross Calling – ‘All In’, Team Efforts, My Team Digi

27 February 2019

Snippets from the Board + How Australians perceive us today

Humanitarians at work, Anniversary of the Apology to Stolen Generations + Pride March

13 February 2019

Townsville flooding, Remembering 2009 Victorian bushfires and Career Trackers

5 February 2019

Heat and the laws of war

23 January 2019

This time of year

14 January 2019

Honouring our fallen colleagues, Donating blood + Year-end reflection

18 December 2018

Supporting those affected by bushfires and drought + Blog takeover

11 December 2018

Queensland bushfires, Responsible business conduct + International Volunteer Day

4 December 2018

New Board Members, International Day of People with Disability + Our Pulse

27 November 2018

Engaging local humanitarian action + Floral tribute at Bourke St

21 November 2018

Bourke Street attack, Remembrance Day + NASA Space Apps Challenge

13 November 2018

Reconciliation Action Plan + World Disasters Report

5 November 2018

The Constellation Project, Updates from the Board + Real Good Gifts

31 October 2018

Situation in Manus and Nauru, Women of Influence + The Problem Solver’s Toolkit

23 October 2018

Updates for the Board + Guidelines for Collective Trauma Events

17 October 2018

Indonesia earthquakes, Champions of humanity + Space Apps Challenge

9 October 2018

Supporting our neighbours in Sulawesi + How technology is changing our world

2 October 2018

Building youth inclusion, UNGA + Australian Business Roundtable

26 September 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut, Emergency Preparedness Week + Blog Takeover

18 September 2018

Annual Red Cross zone conferences, Global Ideas Forum + Big Cake Bake

12 September 2018

Updates from Gippsland, World First Aid Day + Stronger Communities, Safer Children

4 September 2018

Board meeting, Red Cross Oration + 30 years of Red Cross at Brisbane City Hall

28 August 2018

Tribute to Kofi Annan + Health, Readiness and resilience in SA

21 August 2018

Telethon + Humanitarian of the Year Award

15 August 2018

Hello from Villiers, Lombok earthquake + Help Aussie Farmers Appeal updates

8 August 2018

Disaster Relief and Recovery, Embedding respect for IHL + Human rights and technology

1 August 2018

Feel Good Stories of Humanity, Get Prepared v2.0 + World Humanitarian Day

25 July 2018

Global Compact for Migration, Climate Champion + T2S

17 July 2018

Celebrating NAIDOC, Annual Plan for FY19 + Updates from Mongolia

10 July 2018

Checking in from Mongolia

3 July 2018

Blog Takeover + Bring More Good

27 June 2018

Melbourne pop-up shop, Supporting disaster recovery + Australian Red Cross Board

19 June 2018

My team app, Reconciliation Week + Biggest fundraising campaign

6 June 2018

What a week we had

28 May 2018

National Volunteer Week, Bindaring Clothing Sale + Four Days on NSW South Coast

22 May 2018

News from WA and Tasmania, #BeatLoneliness progress & Family Matters

15 May 2018

Smiling for World Red Cross Day and beating loneliness

7 May 2018

Celebrating volunteers and updates from the Board

30 April 2018

Roundtables + donate your winter clothes

16 April 2018

Change is the only constant in life

10 April 2018

Hoping April is kind to our emergency services

4 April 2018

Youth survey plus a disaster update

27 March 2018

Just what is Project Gecko? Read on to find out ...

19 March 2018

Red Cross Calling in full swing

13 March 2018

How we're turning 👠 and 👗 into fundraising tools

7 March 2018

Grab your phone 📱 - I have a challenge for you

27 February 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita + our website is a finalist

21 February 2018

Tips on what we can all do to make our country a better on this important day

13 February 2018

How we're tracking and looking to the next six months

6 February 2018

What a week

31 January 2018

A year ago ...

23 January 2018

Sharing some things I found interesting

17 January 2018

Festive campaign strikes a chord

12 January 2018

Betty and Reza's story; staying connected over the holiday season; and more

22 December 2017

Things to be proud of in 2017

13 December 2017

Our new President and Deputy; International Volunteer Day; and more...

6 December 2017

Reporting back from our Leadership Team meeting; how to save billions on disaster recovery; and more

29 November 2017

What we achieved at the Red Cross and Red Crescent Statutory Meetings

21 November 2017

More thoughts from Acting CEO, Cameron Power

14 November 2017

Thoughts from Acting CEO, Cameron Power

8 November 2017

Our efforts for Myanmar, and supporting more refugees in Australia...

31 October 2017

Forecasting our emergency season - are you prepared? - and updates from NZ

24 October 2017

News from our AGMs, our Preparedness App, identifying forced labour in Australia...

17 October 2017

The Uke Squad

ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize, the 'Uke Squad' and Passing It On

11 October 2017

Supporting asylum seekers on a critical deadline, co-design and getting the basics right

4 October 2017

Inclusion, diversity and innovation

26 September 2017

Our Myanmar Crisis Appeal, community spirit in Cairns and more…

19 September 2017

Hurricane Irma, the Crisis Response Crew, a note on the marriage equality plebiscite...

12 September 2017

RT @ICRC: This is #Yemen today: * 17.8 million barely have anything to eat. * 15.7 million lack access to safe water. * 14.8 million lack…

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For 70 years, we’ve been shaking the tin for good together. This March, it’s your time to shine! Register now and v…

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Tough time for #DalyRiver: the whole community - 380 people - were evacuated. We’ll be there every step of the way…

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Migrants run a third of #Australia’s small businesses, employing 1.41M people. Check out some surprising facts belo…

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@94255d5fbe49460 Hi there, please send us a DM with some more information about the type of help you need. All the best.

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Will 2018 be the year you join your fellow #Australians, roll up your sleeves and #volunteer?

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From top to bottom #WA is experiencing emergencies: #Augusta bushfires were downgraded overnight, fires still rage…

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No one wants to spend a night in an evacuation centre. But we’re on hand to offer #Daly residents support and a war…

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