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Hello from Judy Slatyer

Weekly updates and insights from the CEO of Australian Red Cross.

Every week Judy Slatyer, our CEO, updates staff about what she's been doing. She's keen to share these weekly updates and insights into her working week with you, our members and volunteers. Find out what's going on right here – and feel free to email Judy with your thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Tips on what we can all do to make our country a better on this important day

13 February 2018

How we're tracking and looking to the next six months

6 February 2018

What a week

31 January 2018

A year ago ...

23 January 2018

Sharing some things I found interesting

17 January 2018

Festive campaign strikes a chord

12 January 2018

Betty and Reza's story; staying connected over the holiday season; and more

22 December 2017

Things to be proud of in 2017

13 December 2017

Our new President and Deputy; International Volunteer Day; and more...

6 December 2017

Reporting back from our Leadership Team meeting; how to save billions on disaster recovery; and more

29 November 2017

What we achieved at the Red Cross and Red Crescent Statutory Meetings

21 November 2017

More thoughts from Acting CEO, Cameron Power

14 November 2017

Thoughts from Acting CEO, Cameron Power

8 November 2017

Our efforts for Myanmar, and supporting more refugees in Australia...

31 October 2017

Forecasting our emergency season - are you prepared? - and updates from NZ

24 October 2017

News from our AGMs, our Preparedness App, identifying forced labour in Australia...

17 October 2017

The Uke Squad

ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize, the 'Uke Squad' and Passing It On

11 October 2017

Supporting asylum seekers on a critical deadline, co-design and getting the basics right

4 October 2017

Inclusion, diversity and innovation

26 September 2017

Our Myanmar Crisis Appeal, community spirit in Cairns and more…

19 September 2017

Hurricane Irma, the Crisis Response Crew, a note on the marriage equality plebiscite...

12 September 2017

For 70 years, we’ve been shaking the tin for good together. This March, it’s your time to shine! Register now and volunteer for Red Cross...

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Rosaria is an aid worker running a men’s group in a simple open-plan bamboo and tarpaulin structure in a Bangladesh refugee camp. Men at...

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"This week is a huge reminder that it’s never too late or too early to prepare for an emergency.” – said one of our Emergency Services...

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This March, we're calling on you to get involved in Red Cross Calling. Register now:

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Will 2018 be the year you join your fellow #Australians, roll up your sleeves and #volunteer?

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Get into character! We’ve been working with Sydney Theatre Company to provide new migrants and refugees with a fun way to learn English...

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Elisha was feeling disheartened from the ongoing rejection while looking for work, but then he discovered the InWork Australia program at...

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#StoriesOfLife ”I speak four languages,” says Sirwan. “So I help people register at the Red Cross clinic and let them know about...

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RT @ICRC: This is #Yemen today: * 17.8 million barely have anything to eat. * 15.7 million lack access to safe water. * 14.8 million lack…

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For 70 years, we’ve been shaking the tin for good together. This March, it’s your time to shine! Register now and v…

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Tough time for #DalyRiver: the whole community - 380 people - were evacuated. We’ll be there every step of the way…

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Migrants run a third of #Australia’s small businesses, employing 1.41M people. Check out some surprising facts belo…

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@94255d5fbe49460 Hi there, please send us a DM with some more information about the type of help you need. All the best.

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Will 2018 be the year you join your fellow #Australians, roll up your sleeves and #volunteer?

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From top to bottom #WA is experiencing emergencies: #Augusta bushfires were downgraded overnight, fires still rage…

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No one wants to spend a night in an evacuation centre. But we’re on hand to offer #Daly residents support and a war…

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#StoriesOfLife “Neither of us were working. The house was trashed. A friend of ours took stock of our situation and organised a roster of...

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For #BigCakeBake, we’ve spiced things up a bit in our Sydney office with a cake decorating contest. It was pastry mayhem. Thanks to the...

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#StoriesOfLIfe “Smiling alone cannot express how happy I am, because I have never received any help like this in my life.” When Hawa’s...

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Whoever you are, wherever you are, you’re valued and you matter. Townsville #SistaGirls thank you for your voice, strength and friendship.

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The #Dreamworld tragedy occurred a year ago, and emotions are still raw for many people. We’re on hand to listen and offer support. Here...

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You can make your neighbourhood look better, learn from the Traditional Owners AND have fun in the process. Check out the deadly artwork...

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It’s coming up to two years since the shocking Waroona bushfires in WA and we’re still there supporting folks. This weekend Nicole...

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Alright peeps, here’s a challenge for you. Rica is 92 years old and has been baking cakes since she was ‘knee-high to a grasshopper’. In...

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