Seminar: Reconnecting families across borders during the challenges of a global pandemic

Learn ways to maintain family links during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an extraordinary global situation with restrictions on movement, border closures, and quarantine and isolation measures in most countries around the world.

Ensuring families stay connected is essential to reduce loss of contact and to maintain family links.

As a part of the global Restoring Family Links network, Australian Red Cross helps people who have lost contact with their family as a result of a conflict, a natural or man-made disaster, migration and now through a global pandemic.

The Restoring Family Links team recently hosted a seminar for sector partners, communities and the general public to learn more about their work, including how they have adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

This seminar is especially relevant for staff and volunteers working with anyone who may have lost contact with family or loved ones abroad, or might be at risk of losing contact as a result of COVID-19.

If you work with people who may require this support or you are in need of help yourself, you can view the recording to find out more.

Watch this past event:

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