Kindness in a global crisis

A photo gallery celebrating humanity and kindness in the COVID pandemic.

Red Cross and Red Crescent teams all over the world have been on the frontline of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re delivering food parcels, making welfare checks, running mobile health clinics, teaching handwashing and preventive measures, disinfecting schools and so much more.

From Cairns to Damascus to Manila and beyond, this photo essay is a celebration of the power of humanity, and of the kindness that will keep us together. To all those helping their communities through this continuing coronavirus pandemic, thank you for your dedication and your big humanitarian hearts.

Czech Republic
Czech Red Cross trained thousands of volunteers to work in hospitals to take the pressure off a strained health system. Photo: Czech Red Cross.

This team came up with a creative way to get the word out in rural Damascus. Their sign says: ‘With your help, we keep a safe distance that protects us all’. Photo: Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

For some this pandemic means they now face a double disaster. In the Cox’s Bazar camp for displaced people, Red Cross and Red Crescent is providing cash support during COVID-19 to the most vulnerable. “We are going to buy some medicines and food,” says Rashid, who is blind. “We will buy some chicken roosters as well.” Photo: IFRC/Ibrahim Molli.

Some of our team delivering supplies to families in Cairns who have been facing food insecurity. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Ronnie Burns.

As the virus spikes for a second time in many European cities, Red Cross volunteers in Barcelona hit the streets to talk to young people as part of efforts to stop spread. Photo: Greg Beals/Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine.

Red Cross has been providing food, hygiene kits and more to people affected by the economic slowdown, and stranded in Manila because of internal border closures. Photo: Philippine Red Cross.

These Red Cross team members teach youngsters the right way to wash their hands in the city of Bukittinggi. Photo: IFRC/Indonesian Red Cross.

Doctors at the Cox’s Bazar district hospital, which is supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross, share an important message. Staff at the hospital have been working round the clock to support patients from local and displaced communities. Photo: ICRC.

Trinidad and Tobago
A Red Cross team member tends to seedlings being grown as part of a food security program. Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross.

Red Cross teams have made thousands of welfare phone calls to people in quarantine and self-isolation from this call centre in Queensland. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Susan Cullinan.

Red Cross teams helped with first aid and virus preventive measures during the country’s presidential elections in October. Photo: Seychelles Red Cross.

This local Red Crescent team provided health care support to people in their homes during a ‘stay at home’ phase. Photo: Palestine Red Crescent.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent is helping keep school kids safe with disinfectant kits. Photo: Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Sri Lanka
Volunteers and staff have helped to disinfect buildings across the island: from schools and hospitals, to courthouses and police stations. Photo: IFRC/Sri Lanka Red Cross.

Going door-to-door to show people how to stay safe. Red Cross teams are known and trusted in these remote communities that are cut off from the usual communications networks. Photo: IFRC/Timor-Leste Red Cross.


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