Rising Women Leaders (RWL) is a community of like-minded young women passionate about creating a supportive environment and access to philanthropy.

As a tier of the Society of Women Leaders, RWL is the next generation of female leaders who support causes aligned with our members’ values and interests. We are also committed to advancing the humanitarian mission of Australian Red Cross – wherever people need us most.

The strength of RWL lies not only in its financial contributions but also in nurturing a sense of a female leadership. Our network of young women is dedicated to community support and personal growth. Together, we support critical action and relief amidst escalating humanitarian crises.

If you’re interested in joining RWL to become a Founding Member, please complete the pledge form below before 30th April 2024 and send an email to Rylan Turner at


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Lilian Duncan

RWL Chair

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About Rising Women Leaders

Members of a giving circle create a community of shared values and purpose. A giving circle is a form of collective philanthropy in which individuals pool their donations and resources to make collaborative decisions about how to allocate funds to charitable causes. The combined contributions within the giving circle have greater philanthropic impact compared to one-off, smaller donations. The value of a giving circle extends beyond financial contributions, encompassing the ability to raise awareness and provide opportunities for members to contribute their time.

Rising Women Leaders (RWL) is a community of like-minded young women passionate about philanthropy and creating a supportive environment which uplifts its members. We strive to advance the philanthropic pursuits of our generation while supporting causes aligned with members’ values and interests.

We are a philanthropic entity that partners with and supports Australian Red Cross, as part of the world’s largest humanitarian network. Structured as a giving circle, RWL consolidates individual donations to directly support Australian Red Cross programs. Comprising dedicated leaders embarking on their philanthropy journey, our collective includes women between the ages of 18 and 35. RWL operates autonomously within the philanthropic group, the Society of Women Leaders (SWL) which has raised over $6.5 million and supported more than 29 Red Cross programs since inception in 2014.

Membership of RWL involves an annual donation of $500 (tax-deductible) which is then pooled with contributions from all members, and 100% of donations are allocated to Australian Red Cross. Members participate in collective decision making, by way of voting on Red Cross programs and initiatives to support throughout the following financial year, occurring annually in June. RWL supports critical humanitarian action, which may include addressing crises arising from armed conflicts and natural disasters, access to education in disadvantaged communities, and young mothers facing challenges providing care for their babies.

Whilst a significant focus is on financial contribution, being part of RWL offers more benefits; annual events, featuring keynote speakers and humanitarian experts, educational sessions with insights on relevant issues and updates on supported programs. RWL also seeks corporate sponsorships for member engagements, such as informative lunch events, showroom access to new season fashion collections, along with financial management tools.

As part of a limited time offer, becoming a Founding Member of RWL is being among the first to join the giving circle through an annual membership donation of $500. This title is exclusively available for those who pledge before 30 April 2024. The opportunities afforded to a Founding Member are:

  • Decision-making: have your say in the collective’s earliest decisions and direction, including strategy and goals for RWL in its first year
  • Legacy building: being acknowledged as a Founding Member is a recognition that may last beyond your time as a member of RWL on official documents and as part of the giving circle’s history
  • Sense of ownership: the role of Founding Member allows for a greater emotional connection to the work of the giving circle and provides pathways to leadership roles within RWL
The strength of RWL lies not only in its financial contributions but also in nurturing a sense of a female leadership, supporting critical action and relief amidst escalating humanitarian crises, and creating a network of young women dedicated to community support and personal growth. We identified a gap in the current landscape for young women to commence their philanthropic journey, acknowledging that philanthropy can be daunting and financially challenging for young individuals. Thus, the formation of RWL allows pooling of funds to maximise our collective impact.

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