As Australia implements user choice reforms in aged care and through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we need to work together to ensure no one falls through the gaps.

We commissioned research with the University of Adelaide, and looked at the experiences of our own clients to understand who might be most at risk and why.

The review found that, without safeguards, people who are already the most vulnerable are at the greatest risk of being left out. There are a range of issues that may create barriers to entry and use. People who experience multiple layers of disadvantage face the greatest risk when coming up against these hurdles.

In Australia, many people already face deep social exclusion and disadvantage. The NDIS and aged care reforms offer an opportunity to provide these people with more choice and control over the supports that they receive, but we must work collaboratively to ensure that no one is left worse off as a result of the reforms.

Red Cross has invested in this research to understand more about who is most at risk. We want to work with governments, businesses, philanthropists and people who are affected, on practical solutions, so that we have aged care and disability service systems that work for everyone.

You can download a copy of the summary report or request a copy of the University of Adelaide review from

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