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Thanking our volunteers

National Volunteer Week 17 – 23 May 2021

Do you know a volunteer? With almost 6 million around Australia chances are you do. They’ve got big smiles and even bigger hearts and we’re grateful to the 18,000 people who choose to volunteer with Red Cross.

In a year when the nation has dealt with drought, fires, floods and a pandemic, Red Cross volunteers have consistently stepped up to help out, adapting to new ways of working so they can keep supporting people and acting for humanity.  

We know how generous they are with their time and care, and they do it with a smile, a can-do attitude and never expect anything in return. We are always thankful for the support of volunteers, but National Volunteer Week is the perfect time for us to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

It’s also the perfect time to thank everyone who volunteers. You make our communities stronger, safer and a better place to live. Thank you!

"When I put the t-shirt on, my heart gets bigger and my mind and soul gets a lot wider.

Just makes me feel good inside that I'm helping other people."

Ashley, volunteer

"It brings up my self-esteem... I volunteer for Red Cross and that makes me very proud."

Aunty Stella, volunteer

"I love getting out there and meeting people and helping them. 

It feels really good and it's very nice to be able to help. It's such a fantastic experience."

Francis, volunteer

"There is my chance to give something back.

Volunteering for me is a rewarding experience."

Lina, volunteer