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National Refugee Week 2021

Unity – The Way Forward

Bihozagara is a valued member of our Albury Red Cross team. He’s a future biology student, and a beloved older brother and father-figure to three of his younger siblings. 

He kept them safe after they were forced to flee their home village in the Democratic Republic of Congo because of violence and conflict in 2015. Their long journey to safety brought them to Australia in 2018 – where a warm welcome and support has seen them thrive. With the support of Red Cross they have also been able to locate and reconnected with their parents. Watch their incredible story now. 

This National Refugee Week, we celebrate the incredible strengths and significant contributions of refugees and people seeking asylum in our communities across Australia. 

People who are refugees and people seeking asylum come from all walks of life. Each person’s journey to find a home where they can live safely, make connections, and achieve their goals is individual to them. Each person has their own hopes, interests, and talents – it’s these unique differences that we celebrate. 

The last 18 months have been difficult for us all – it's vital that we continue to strengthen communities by extending a meaningful welcome, creating a sense of belonging, and providing opportunities to those that are new to our country to contribute, so we can support each other through challenging times. 

Take action

5 things you can do

Help make our communities stronger and more connected. Here are five easy things you can do to make a difference in your local community.

Take the Humanitarian Challenge!

How much do you know about people who seek asylum, or why they come to Australia? Take our “Unpack the Facts!” quiz to find out.

Welcome Toolkit

For kids and schools, check out our kit of ways to take action to grow a more welcoming Australia.

Workshop: Unity in Action with REDxYouth and MYAN Australia

Discover how you can act alongside young migrants, people seeking asylum and refugees to strengthen communities across Australia and extend a meaningful welcome. Join us and other young humanitarians on June 24th at 6pm AEST.  

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How Red Cross helps

Restoring Family Links

Every day, families around the world are separated due to war, conflict, and disasters. Our RFL team searches across the globe to find missing family members and loved ones.

Community Conversations

Our In Search of Safety sessions help school kids discover why people seek asylum, understand the situations they face, and hear from those who've experienced it themselves.

Humanitarian Settlement Program

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home and opportunities to contribute to their community. Learn how our team works with communities to offer refugees a safe and welcoming introduction to their new life in Australia.

In the first 12 months of COVID-19, we worked with over 150,000 migrants in transition, including people seeking asylum and their families, providing a safety net to those who do not have access to mainstream support. Every month we continue to help thousands of people with financial support, food parcels, and casework support for people in the most difficult circumstances so they can meet their basic needs. Your kindness helps.