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National Refugee Week

2020 – Year of Welcome

This year, we’re celebrating National Refugee Week by saying welcome.

Craig Foster is a former Socceroo and advocate for human rights. Hakeem al-Araibi is an Australian footballer and refugee. The two have a special relationship, with Craig leading the campaign for Hakeem’s release after he was detained in Thailand in November, 2018. For National Refugee Week, the two got together for a chat, filmed as part of our In Search of Safety program. You can support our ongoing work helping people facing hardship, including refugees and people seeking asylum, by making a donation.

Craig and Hakeem also took part in a In Search of Safety session at a WA primary school. These workshops, which Red Cross delivers to schools, workplaces and community groups, allow people to discuss the issues facing refugees and people seeking asylum. They are a space to ask questions, encourage conversations and foster empathy. They combine facts, thought-provoking presentations and stories from people like Hakeem, with first-hand experience of seeking safety and being granted protection. Learn more and sign-up for a workshop.

Every year, refugees and people seeking asylum come to Australia looking for a safer life for themselves and their families. Red Cross provides support on every step of their journey.

Elie’s story

Elie is many things: a dessert lover, a maths whiz and a future teacher.

He and his family are also refugees, forced to leave their home in the Democratic Republic of Congo after facing violence and persecution.

With a little bit of support, they’ve built a new home and a safer life for themselves in Wollongong, Australia.

“Today I'm able to dream and I'm able to keep following my dream. It shows me how important it is to engage in the community, how important is this to be part of something which is going to last for so long.”

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Elie and his family were supported through our Humanitarian Settlement Program, which provides refugees a safe and welcoming introduction to their new life in Australia.

We also provide support to those seeking safety who are living in uncertainty as they wait for their protection claims to be assessed. Every month we help with financial support, so they can meet their basic needs. This includes emergency accommodation, food and pantry essentials, transport vouchers and other aid. We also provide long-term casework support to help people find jobs and connect with other services.

The need for assistance has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. By making a donation, you can help us continue to support people facing hardship, including refugees and people seeking asylum.

Get the facts

What you need to have an informed conversation about refugees and people seeking asylum.

How Red Cross helps

What we do to provide support to refugees, people seeking asylum, people in immigration detention and other migrants in Australia.

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