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Generosity looks good on everyone

Clear some space in your wardrobe and join in the free Uber x Red Cross Clothing Drive on Sunday 3 June.

The clothing drive is happening on Sunday 3 June in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. Simply request a car, and an Uber driver-partner will pick up your pre-loved clothes from your home free of charge and deliver them to Red Cross Shops.

How it works

  1. Get your pre-loved goods together
  2. Open the Uber app between 12pm and 4pm on Sunday 3 June
  3. Select Red Cross Clothing Drive card
  4. Tap ‘Request’ and confirm your pick-up location
  5. Where available*, your items will be picked up, free of charge

* Pick-up is only available in selected service areas, visit Uber’s website for more info. If you aren’t located in one of these areas, we're really sorry we can't get to you but we'd still love your secondhand clothes – please consider donating direct to your nearest op shop.

The money raised from your pre-loved clothes will help fund work in vulnerable communities across Australia and our region.


  • For this donation drive we can take clothing, shoes and accessories, but not toys, books, furniture or electrical items.
  • Please donate quality clean items only – the kind of items you would be happy to give away to a friend.
  • When you open the app make sure your donations are bagged and ready to go.
  • Please take your bagged items out to the car when it arrives. Uber’s driver-partners can’t leave their cars unattended.