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Aussies rally for Beirut

On 4 August 2020, an enormous explosion destroyed the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The eastern part of Beirut was totally destroyed, hospitals were badly damaged, homes were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people were left needing urgent help. 

All across Australia people rallied to offer support in whatever way they could, and an incredible $775,000 was raised through our Beirut Appeal, with our community fundraising superstars holding events and taking on individual fundraising challenges.

One of those was Jessica, who committed to running 10km and had people sponsor her effort. She had a very personal reason for fundraising:

“My sister, Samantha, lives in Beirut and was outside walking her dog Dylan at the time of the blast. She lives 1.5km from the port. They both sustained injuries requiring emergency medical treatment but thankfully they have both since recovered. It was a terrifying time for us all and I have never felt so far away from family (thanks COVID-19). Unfortunately, others weren’t so lucky and there are many still recovering from injuries and thousands displaced from their home…Therefore it is important to me that I raise money for the Red Cross Beirut response as it is close to my heart.” 

The funds Jessica and our other community fundraisers raised will help meet the immediate and long-term humanitarian needs of the people and communities impacted by the explosion. So far, Lebanese Red Cross have helped more than 250,000 people through their emergency services including: 

3,741 injured people treated and transported from the blast site 

Providing primary medical care to 11,850 people 

7,092 families given emergency cash grants 

Giving out food and hygiene kits to 95,284 people  

Thank you:

The team will continue to be there for as long as it takes, focusing long-term on health, shelter, water and sanitation needs. Thank you to everyone who donated and fundraised!