A new climate focused partnership invites global tech entrepreneurs to pilot their solutions for humanity

25 March 2024

Australian Red Cross, QBE Foundation, and Leading Cities is excited to announce a new partnership to harness innovation and scale data-driven technology solutions to empower communities to build adaptive capacity to climate-related problems.

This partnership brings together three global organisations with a shared mission to address some of the world’s biggest humanitarian challenges by leveraging innovative technology. By joining forces, this partnership aims to accelerate and enable global communities to harness tech solutions in the face of climate related impacts.

At the centre of this collaboration is the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, which in recognition of this partnership, has established a ‘Humanitarian Track.’ The new track seeks to harness the transformative potential of technology to bridge the gap between data, community decision making, and local action. 

From Monday 1 April 2024, tech entrepreneurs from around the globe are invited to join the challenge to leverage the combined resources of this partnership. Applicants will be in the running for cash prizes totaling $150,000 USD, a fully paid pilot in Australia with Australian Red Cross and receive support from a global network of experts, investors, and mentors.

Australian Red Cross Head of Humanitech Katy Southall emphasised the need to bring together science, technology, and local knowledge to shape the community response to the impacts of climate change on communities.

"We’re seeking game-changers from the tech world and software solutions that bridge the gap between data, community decision-making, and local action. Together we can empower global communities with the tools they need adapt to the impacts of climate change by putting them at the heart of the process," Ms Southall said.

CEO of Leading Cities Michael Lake said the collaborative efforts are dedicated to empowering communities to become more equitable and sustainable.

"This partnership directly engages and accelerates the efforts of those at the frontlines of the climate crisis — city leaders dealing with the devastating impacts to their communities, and entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to increase community sustainability," Mr Lake said.

QBE Group Executive Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, and Chair of the Global QBE Foundation Viv Bower said with its focus on community empowerment, the partnership had the potential to redefine the way technology and innovation drives positive change in the humanitarian sector.

"Consistent with our focus of creating strong, resilient and inclusive communities, the QBE Foundation is proud to partner with Australian Red Cross Humanitech and Leading Cities to address the humanitarian impacts of climate change. By leveraging our collective expertise, resources, and networks, we have an opportunity to drive meaningful change at scale in the face of climate challenges," Ms Bower said.

This partnership represents a unique opportunity for impact driven tech entrepreneurs to showcase their impactful solutions, gain global recognition, and receive support to grow their businesses, while also helping to solve some of the universal challenges facing humanity.

Applications open in one week, 1 April 2024 – for more information about Humanitech and the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge Humanitarian Track visit https://leadingcities.org/.

For media enquires contact media@redcross.org.au or Lilly Ward on 0420501079.

About Australian Red Cross

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About the QBE Foundation

The QBE Foundation is committed to creating strong, resilient, and inclusive communities across its global operations. We work in partnership with community organisations, with a focus on both climate resilience and inclusion – two areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact. More information on the QBE Foundation can be found here.

About Leading Cities  

Leading Cities is a global nonprofit organisation dedicated to advancing city resiliency and sustainability. Through innovative programs like the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge, the largest startup accelerator of its kind, Leading Cities connects startups with city governments, experts, and investors fostering collaboration to address urban challenges and create more resilient, sustainable, and equitable cities. Additional information can be found at www.LeadingCities.org or by following Leading Cities on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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