Generous Aussies keep giving in the face of rising disasters and increased living costs

5 June 2023

A review of Australian Red Cross donation trends over the last 12 months has shown a direct correlation between disasters and the generosity of Australians.

People living in communities most impacted by previous natural disasters donate to Red Cross generously, with those impacted noting it’s their way of returning the support provided in their time of need.

Australian Red Cross Chief of Staff Penny Harrison, said the generosity of people who had experienced disasters first-hand was heart-warming.

“If experience has taught us anything, it's that anything can happen at any time. We’re always very appreciative of the generosity Australians show others in need, especially as we recognise cost of living pressures,” she said.

“It is heartening to see that even after devastating disasters have rocked rural communities and cities, impacted communities continue to give back and pay it forward for whoever might next call on our emergency and community support.”

Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers assist individuals and communities before, during and after an emergency to prepare, aid recovery, and to cope with and manage the psychosocial impacts of emergencies.

When fire ripped through Tania Ricks property at Rappville in Northern NSW in 2019, her family was still in recovery when they were struck another devastating blow as floods swept through the town in 2021.

Australian Red Cross has provided emergency support for the Ricks family since 2018.It includes donations to help purchase equipment to clean debris from their property, to resilience support, recovery and psychosocial care.

“Without the support of Red Cross, we wouldn’t be able to rebuild, they have been there the whole time,” Ms Ricks said.

Australian Red Cross Chief of Staff Penny Harrison, said donations from the community play a critical role in providing emergency relief, supporting recovery efforts, and helping communities to rebuild after disasters.

“Major disasters and emergencies don’t only affect our homes, roads, and public spaces. They also take an enormous psychological toll on the people and communities affected,” Ms Harrison said.

“From floods, bushfires, cyclones and drought– it’s during these times, and in the aftermath, that we are so grateful that every day Australians continue to dig deep and donate. You never know when you might need the Australian Red Cross.”

The continued generosity of donors is critical to ensure Red Cross can continue to provide crucial support when disaster strikes.

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