These briefing papers can be used as a tool during gender training, as an information sheet for staff and volunteers, or for advocacy activities within a National Society.

Disability inclusion and disaster management

People with disabilities are often forgotten during disaster management activities and especially during emergency response, despite being amongst the most vulnerable in a community. This guidance note offers suggestions on how Red Cross programs can better include people with disabilities in their work. 
Download the guidance note (pdf).

Gender and climate change

Climate change can shape vulnerability to climate change and gender-sensitive approaches can strengthen the ways in which women and men adapt. 
Download the fact sheet (pdf).

Gender-based violence in emergencies

Gender-based violence often increases during the stressful time of an emergency, and can exacerbate existing gender inequalities in communities.
Download the fact sheet (pdf).

Gender and disaster management

Gender shapes the extent to which men, women, boys and girls are vulnerable to and affected by emergencies and disasters. Disasters generally accentuate existing gender inequalities. 
Download the fact sheet (pdf).

Gender and HIV

Gender roles and relations influence the course and impact of HIV. They shape the extent to which men, women, boys and girls are vulnerable to contracting HIV. Download the fact sheet (pdf).

Gender and shelter

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, women, girls, boys and men have different needs, roles and responsibilities, as well as different perceptions of what constitutes appropriate shelter. 
Download the fact sheet (pdf).

Gender and water and sanitation

In almost every country and culture, women collect, transport, use and manage domestic water. As primary water managers and family carers, the involvement of women is critical to successful water and sanitation activities. 
Download the fact sheet (pdf).

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