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Red Cross offers training and education about the laws of war to organisations and individuals.

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International humanitarian law (IHL), also known as the laws of war, is the set of rules that apply in wartime that protect those not or no longer participating in hostilities, and that seek to limit the means and methods of warfare.

The IHL Program at Australian Red Cross provides training and education on the laws of war to a variety of audiences, including the Australian Defence Force, civil servants, humanitarian workers, lawyers, journalists, medical professionals and universities.

The IHL Program also has IHL Advisory Committees around the country that provide advice and guidance and disseminate IHL to the general public, as well as a Community Speakers Network that delivers IHL presentations to community groups and the general public.  Please subscribe to our fortnightly update (below) or follow our Twitter or Facebook page for upcoming events, or request a presentation from our Community Speakers Network.

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Course: International Law and Humanitarian Action

This three-day course, delivered in collaboration with the Australian Defence Force Indo-Pacific Centre for Military Law (IPCML), is designed for a mixed audience of Humanitarian, Australian Defence Force and Government participants.

The course examines the key bodies of international law that regulate armed conflict and how these bodies of law can be used by practitioners, including in relation to:

  • Application of international humanitarian law
  • Protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure
  • Forced displacement
  • Protection of refugees and internally displaced persons
  • Civil-military interaction
  • Accountability for violations of international law

The course combines scenario-based learning, panel discussions, workshops and expert presentations by Australian Red Cross, the ADF, academics and NGOs. It provides participants with accessible information to inform their work, making them aware of their own rights and obligations under international law, as well as those of other actors.

Applications for the 2024 ILHA Course have now closed.

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