Australian Red Cross has upgraded the First Aid & Mental Health training management system to provide clients with a more streamlined, efficient system in which to manage all training requirements.The system uses a Learner Portal which students can use to complete assessments in class or prior online learning. Outlined here are guides on how to access the portal and FAQs on how the system works.

Key benefits of the new system

  • Customer-centric dynamic digital system
  • Improved course search function
  • ‘Places remaining’ indicated on all courses
  • Simplified online booking and enrolment process
  • Learner portal for students
  • Assessments completed online
  • Digital certificates
  • Online enquiries for group bookings
  • Individual Client and Student portals
  • Easy to find, access and manage learning, training, assessments and resources for students
  • Notification system

Learner Portal guide

Logging in

  1. Follow the unique login invite link in your email: Your Red Cross training login.
  2. Use your email or mobile to create an account. 
  3. Select Log In
Note: If you use aXcelerate with a different provider, you are still required to follow the steps above to link your account to the Red Cross learner portal.

Note: If you studied with Red Cross prior to August 2021, you will need to create a new account using the steps above.

Update your personal details

  1. Select the PROFILE icon
  2. Select My Profile Settings
  3. Update your details as required
  4. Select Save changes

Update your password

  1. Select the PROFILE icon
  2. Select Change My Password
  3. Enter your current password
  4. Enter your new password
  5. Re-enter your new password to confirm
  6. Select Update

View your calendar

The calendar lets you to view your training

  1. Select the calendar icon
  2. Select Open Calendar
  3. Select the training to view details

View course information

  1. All courses you are enrolled in will be displayed on your home page.
  2. Selecting a course will display information about the course and enrolment. From here, you can view the details of the course and progress as well as access course-related materials including assessments.

View assessments

Select the relevant course and then select the Assessments tab.

You can see assessments to do, submitted assessments waiting to be marked and the results of marked assessments. Assessments will be available on the day of your course.

  1. Select a course you are enrolled in
  2. Select the Assessments tab
  3. Select an assessment to open it

Log in/password to access system

An email is sent to all clients and students with log in instructions.

If you don’t receive this, please check your junk mail folder. The email will be from aXcelerate (the training management platform). If you can’t find it then please contact us by email or call 1800 733 276.

Online enrolments, assessments and digital certificates

The Red Cross training management system is 100% paperless. Not only does this support our environment, it also simplifies the process and makes the distribution of information, including certificates, much faster.

We recognise that some students will need support using the system, please let us know if you do.

Students will complete an online assessment during the training course or, if this is not possible, they will need to complete the online assessment within 48 hours after training has completed.

Booking a First Aid & Mental Health Course

Public bookings – Direct from the website or by emailing Red Cross Customer Support Team (

Private bookings – By email to your Business Development Manager or the Red Cross Customer Support Team (

To make a booking :

  1. Go to First Aid and Mental Health Training
  2. Search By Location
  3. Choose state
  4. Choose venue
  5. Select View Courses
  6. ‘More Information’ on the course you want
  7. Select Book

Confirmation of course booking

Confirmation and login link for the Learner Portal portal is sent directly to the students.

Student information required to book a course

  • Student name
  • USI number (USI numbers are easy to get at
  • Date of birth
  • Individual student email address  (Required because students use this email to login and access assessments)
  • We understand some of this information is sensitive. Please read our privacy collection statement for more information about why we collect your information.

All students are required to complete a digital pre-enrolment.

First Aid skills assessment

This is completed digitally in-class by the individual by logging in to the Student Portal. Students use their own phone, tablet or laptop.


Students receive their certificates via their Learner Portal on completion of their course and an emailed copy.


An invoice will be issued after course delivery either on a course-by-course basis, or monthly as per agreement.

Client Training Management Portal

Clients can request a secure portal to manage training with Red Cross.

Clients have greater control over enrolling employees into private and public courses by accessing the portal.

Past and upcoming bookings made with Red Cross are visible in the portal.

Authorised users can run and download reports on bookings, attendance, finance, contacts, completions, certificates and much more. Reports can be generated from the client portal or automated to send regular reports.

The portal allows instant updates on employee contacts, thus minimises going through indirect channel, e.g., sending an email or calling our hotline

Employees can be directly enrolled onto public courses or onto pre-arranged private group training sessions.

Employee training progress and issued certificates can be accessed.

Employee records are stored in their individual profiles, saving time in collecting data and contact information each time employees are rebooked.

For further support please contact us: 1800 733 276

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