First Aid for someone with a snake bite

Learn First Aid for someone bitten by a snake.

All snake bites must be treated as potentially life-threatening. If someone is bitten by a snake, get help immediately.

1. Keep the person at rest, reassured and under observation.
2. Dial 000.
3. Do not wash venom off the skin or clothes.
4. Begin CPR, if necessary. 30 chest compressions per 2 breaths. 
5. If bitten on a limb, apply a firm bandage on the bite site. Ensure the limb is immobilised and the person remains still.
6. Work the bandage from the limb foot or hand upwards, working towards the heart and covering as much of the limb as possible. If you can, apply a splint to keep the limb immobile. 
7. Keep the person still and reassured until medical attention arrives.

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