As a community of leaders and philanthropists, we:

  • advance the humanitarian mission of the Australian Red Cross
  • bring together like-minded women who are making a difference
  • make a measurable impact on important issues facing our communities
  • improve the lives of vulnerable women, children, families and communities
  • build strategic alliances for change
  • lend our voice to the issues we believe in most ·
  • lead through philanthropy.

Through times of war and peace, the women of Red Cross have led the way in disaster assistance, humanitarian aid and countless vital community services. Standing in the great tradition of the dedicated and heroic women leaders who have gone before us, we commit to reaching out with compassion to a world in need.  Just as Red Cross is guided by seven fundamental principles, humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality, members of SWL are guided by seven core values. Each woman agrees to operate according to these core values as a member of our circle of giving:

An SWL member is a woman of:

Compassion - she is motivated by the wellbeing of others.

Optimism - she believes in the potential of every human being.

Integrity - she operates with honesty and she keeps her word.

Excellence - she contributes her best in service to building our circle of giving.

Loyalty - she celebrates the sisterhood and stands in solidarity with other members and the Australian Red Cross.

Collaboration - she puts self-interest aside to focus on collective philanthropy.

Gratitude - she is thankful for the opportunities of her life and stewards her resources purposefully and generously.



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