Join the Youth in Emergencies Development Program: A Duke of Ed International Bronze  Award

As part of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze International Award you’ll:

  • Gain an internationally recognised award
  • Become a youth leader in emergency management
  • Learn to be prepared for emergencies and disasters
  • Meet new people and be part of a like-minded youth community
  • Count it towards your school electives
  • Get help to access higher education
  • Accelerate your job opportunities

Who can participate?
Year 9-12 students across South Australia. Anyone can apply. No experience or specific skills are required – just a commitment to get involved

How will the program will be delivered?
The program will be delivered across the state through face-to-face workshops, online, self-paced and hybrid formats.

What is The Duke of Ed?
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (The Duke of Ed) offers young people an opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised certificate by doing the things that they enjoy. The Duke of Ed gives you the chance to express your passions and get yourself ready and energised for the world through a variety of exciting and challenging experiences like adventure, sports, and volunteering to help worthy causes that mean something to you. #WORLDREADY

How does the Youth in Emergencies Development Program work and what’s the time commitment?
Australian Red Cross collaborated with young people from around South Australia to co-design a unique program which teaches young people the things they need to know about the natural hazards we face due to our changing climate. By participating in this program, young people will be working towards their Duke of Ed International Bronze Award.

Skill – 1 hour per week/2 hours per fortnight or 4 hours per month
Learn about all things natural hazard and disaster. Understand the way emergencies impact people and communities differently and what you can do to alleviate the impacts. Gain the skills you need to be an active contributor in youth advisory groups and how to demonstrate leadership in your communities.

This learning will take place in a variety of formats, self-paced book work and online modules, local face to face workshops, and group online workshops.

Voluntary Service– 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight
Give back to your community and make a difference. You’ll be asked to implement your learning from the skills workshops by creating a community preparedness or resilience building project. You decide on your community, it could be your footy club, your classroom, your street or suburb – it’s up to you.

Physical Recreation - 1 hour per week
Have fun, get active and improve your health and wellbeing. This could be a sport or activity you are already engaged in, or you could simply decide to go for a walk for 1 hour each week.

Adventurous Journey – Overnight camp
Explore and get out of your comfort zone with your mates. This will be a weekend at Woodhouse activity centre. You’ll tackle some physical and mental challenges, showcase your community projects to leaders from the emergency management sector and above all – have fun!

How much does it cost:

The full cost of the award is $189 - here at Australian Red Cross we're covering 50% of the fee for our Youth in Emergencies Development Program. This means you'll only pay $94.50.

However, full funding is available for individuals to participate in the program who require financial assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need a fully funded scholarship.

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Australian Red Cross is covering 50% of the fee for our Youth in Emergencies Development Program (full cost $189), so you'll only pay $94.50. Full funding is available for anyone requiring financial assistance.*
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