Seeking safety from persecution can often seem far abstract from our reality.

Use one of the interactive online activities below to try to understand what it may feel like to flee your home and your country, looking for asylum in a foreign land. You will face challenges, make tough decisions, and learn the ramifications of your choices.

Syrian Journey

Choose your own escape route from war-torn Syria to a safer place in Europe and face many challenges and tough choices on the way.

Brothers Across Borders

An interactive journey based on the true stories of Syrian refugees in Turkey. Walk in the shoes of Ismael, a 21-year old Syrian refugee on a mission to find his brother, Muhammed.

Restoring Family Links

In this interactive presentation we take you on the journey of a young girl called Nadine. You have the chance to experience her story and decide what you would do if you found yourself in Nadine’s situation.

Four Walls

Follow actress Rashida Jones through a virtual reality documentary and interact with adults and children who had to give up their home.

Australia, you decide

Make choices about Australia's future and find out what Australia would look like without migration.

The Boat   

An interactive graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War. Based on the story by Nam Le, adapted by Matt Huynh

Abandoned at Sea: The Desperate Journeys of Rohinga Refugees

Produced in collaboration with the UNHCR, this interactive webpage deep dives on the plight of the Rohingya in our region. Since January 2020, more than 2,600 Rohingya have fled ongoing persecution and poverty in Myanmar and Bangladesh, embarking on desperate journeys across the open seas. They board rickety vessels ill-equipped for the perilous voyage, hoping to reach other countries in neighbouring Southeast Asia.

Many do not make it there.

According to the UNHCR, in 2020, one in every 13 Rohingya attempting the sea voyage has perished in the murky waters where the Andaman Sea meets the Bay of Bengal

Finding Home

Download a UNHCR phone app that follows the story of Kathijah, a 16-year old Rohingya refugee forced to flee to Malaysia with her brother Ishak in order to find safety. She has no legal status, no support, no security.

Refugee Republic

Jumpstarting a new existence in an emerging city. This is an interactive documentary about everyday life in Domiz Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq.

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