Help build your community's resilience to emergencies

Effort: Medium | Time: 1-3 hours per week

Two people standing in front of a burnt shed

Emergency Services Volunteers provide support to people vulnerable to or affected by emergency events. You’ll join a team of emergency services volunteers, who can help individuals and communities from beginning to end of an emergency by:

  • helping people prepare for possible future emergency events (preparedness)
  • providing help during emergency events (response)
  • assisting after an emergency event (recovery).

Check to see if any volunteer roles are available in the Emergency Services programs. 

Or give us a call on 1300 733 276.

Volunteer role opportunities

Red Cross looks for volunteers to join the Emergency Services team who are interested in:

  • helping a community resilience group in their local community to get people prepared for emergencies
  • presenting preparedness presentations to local community groups and helping people to complete a RediPlan
  • complete Red Cross Psychological First Aid training and become a Volunteer Wellbeing Check-in caller

These volunteer roles are part of a formally funded program and applicants will need to complete an online application, complete any necessary compliance checks and training as a part of the role.

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