Be a meal delivery volunteer in your local area

Effort: Medium | Time: 3 hours per week

Volunteer smiling as they deliver meals

Red Cross Delivered Meals provides a range of healthy and nutritious frozen and fresh meals delivered to the door of people who find it difficult to cook for themselves.

As a Red Cross Delivered Meals Volunteer, you’ll be helping these people access not only nutritious food, but also a nice chat to brighten their day.

Check to see if any volunteer roles are available in the Meal Delivery programs. 

Or give the Volunteer Hub a call if you are interested 1800 833 489.

Volunteer role opportunities

This role suits someone over the age of 18 and someone who enjoys talking with elderly people.

Volunteers need to be available for 1-4 hours per week for morning delivery rounds. This role requires a 12 month commitment and the program allows for time off due to holidays and study requirements.

You will need to provide your own car to transport the meals, however we will reimburse you for petrol.

These volunteer roles are part of a formally funded program and applicants will need to complete an online application, complete any necessary compliance checks and training before commencing in the role.

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