Write a letter to people living in aged care

Effort: Low | Time: 1-2 hours

Person writing on a card

When residents receive letters and listen to them being read out, it helps them to feel connected to the community and they know someone is thinking about them. Listening to someone's story brings back memories and often leads to group conversation. This interaction helps to reduce social isolation and loneliness and can be a great activity to do with kids.

Steps to take action 

  1. Find an aged care facility close to where you live.
  2. Make contact with the Facility Activities or Lifestyle Coordinator. Ask them if they would like to receive your letters to read aloud to their residents. 
  3. Find some paper or a card - you might even want to make your own! Write your story about your pets, garden, holiday, childhood etc. Don’t forget to enclose pictures to go with your stories.
  4. Mail your letter to the aged care facility with a note to the Activity Coordinator.  

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