Show kindness to your neighbours

Effort: Low | Time: <30 minutes a week

Show kindness to your neighbours

The simple act of knocking on a neighbour’s door and asking if they might like some help is a wonderful way to build community connections and help reduce social isolation in your neighbourhood.

Steps to take action

  1. Here are some ideas you could do as acts of kindness for your neighbours:
  2. Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog if they are unable to - or go for a walk with them.
  3. Offer to take your neighbours wheelie bins in and out for them.
  4. Offer to do 10-30 minutes of gardening for your neighbour.
  5. Make elderly neighbours or busy parents a pot of soup or some freezer meals to warm them in winter.
  6. Take your neighbours some flowers to celebrate a special week or event. Neighbour Day in March and Seniors Week in October provide good opportunities.

Helpful resources

  • Visit Neighbour Day for great ideas and additional resources to connect with your neighbours.

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