The Australian Red Cross Code of Conduct

The work we do at Australian Red Cross is often complex and challenging; we support people experiencing extreme vulnerability and stress, we work in severe emergency and disaster situations, and we work with a multitude of partners, organisations and communities. How we do things is just as important as what we do.

The Australian Red Cross Code of Conduct (Our Code) is a practical, positive tool to support all Australian Red Cross people – that's staff, members and volunteers. It provides a clear, shared understanding of the values and principles according to which we all, as Australian Red Cross People, commit to behaving, and to which we all hold ourselves and others accountable – every person, every day.

While we are all committed to doing the right thing, it can sometimes be difficult to know what that looks like, so Our Code has been designed to support all of us to do the right thing.

Being a champion of Our Code means we demonstrate our commitment to the fundamental principles and our values which play a vital role in safely and responsibly supporting communities around Australia and overseas.

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Other tools to assist you

Ethical dilemmas can be hard and it’s ok to be unsure of what do to. A confidential independent helpline run by the Ethics Centre is available to everyone to explore ethical issues or dilemmas. Ethi-call is a free, national phone helpline 1800 672 303.

Reporting an ethical concern or making a whistleblower complaint

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that a Red Cross person, client, contractor or stakeholder is acting unethically or not in accordance with applicable laws and obligations, we encourage you to speak up.

You can raise the issue via the confidential and independent Whistleblower hotline, Stopline. Alternatively, you can report a concern to a "responsible person" as set out in the Whistleblower Policy.

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