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Migrant & refugee settlement services

Giving refugees a head start on a new life.

Migrant family

From the end of October, Red Cross will be helping more refugees in Western Australia, the ACT and southern NSW as they build their new lives in Australia.

The Humanitarian Settlement Program is a national program funded by the Australian Government to help refugees to establish themselves when they first arrive in Australia. Red Cross is funded by the Department of Social Services to deliver this program in Western Australia and ACT and surrounds.

With the help of our amazing volunteers Red Cross will offer refugees a safe and welcoming introduction as they begin their new lives here.

This work is important to us because we know that people can thrive when they're given a fair go.

We will be helping people to set up their new homes, helping people to learn about their new communities and helping people to connect to local services like Medicare, schools and other community services.

We will also help people to improve their English, learn new skills and link with job and volunteering opportunities.

Through our partners we will also provide accommodation support for people when they first arrive.

Our clients have a lot to offer - with some practical advice and some new friends, they will soon be valued and contributing members of their new communities.

Want to get involved? Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are an important connection between refugees and their new communities and play a vital role in our work.

We have range of volunteer roles which are suitable for people from a variety of experience levels and backgrounds.

We need volunteers to help us set up welcoming homes for refugees arriving in Australia, volunteers to provide practical help to people getting used to everyday tasks like using public transport or joining the library, volunteers to share their skills and knowledge about how to find and enjoy work in Australia, and more.

Want to play a part in creating friendly and welcoming Australia? Check out some of our volunteer roles:


Volunteer to help refugees

Take action in your community, school or workplace.