The Heritage Archives of Australian Red Cross has a plethora of audio-visual material: 16mm films, VHS and Betacam video and audio. We are slowly digitising what we can to prevent obsolescence – losing it altogether.

This page contains a small selection of films in the collection.

The Red Cross Red Crescent historic film collection on YouTube also has some Australian Red Cross films already digitised.

The Heritage Archives recently applied for a National Library of Australia Community Heritage Grant to help us with a significance assessment on our film collection held in Australia. We were awarded this grant which will then be used towards applying for a further grant to digitise those deemed significant, so watch this space.

Do you have any audio or visual material of Australian Red Cross? If you do, please contact us:

The Heritage Archives worked with Wind & Sky Productions on this documentary, The Missing, about the Red Cross WWI Missing, Wounded and POW Enquiry Bureau. Released as Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) licenses. Copyright © Wind & Sky Productions Pty Ltd, 2019.
Tracing & Enquiry Bureau
Two Shillings and a Little Time
Migrant escort
Meals on Wheels
My Dog Max
Registration Inquiry System
Red Cross Unsung Heroes
Red Cross Gift Shop (1986)

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