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Migrant & refugee settlement services

Giving refugees a head start on a new life.

Migrant family

Humanitarian Settlement Program

Our Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) is a national program supported by the Australian Government. With the help of amazing volunteers, partner organisations and local communities we offer refugees a safe and welcoming introduction to their new life in Australia.
The program assists refugees to establish themselves in their first 12 months in the country. It runs in NSW, WA and the ACT.  Many in our teams have experiences of migration or as refugees themselves.
We work alongside new Australians to:

  •  set up their new homes
  • learn about their new communities
  • connect to local services like Medicare, schools and other community networks
  • improve their English
  • learn new skills
  • link with job and volunteering opportunities.

Everyone thrives when given a fair go. With some practical advice and new friends, newly-arrived refugees have much to offer their new communities .

What we do

We work with newly-arrived migrants to build on their strengths and support their needs. This includes: 

  • Assistance to become socially and financially independent
  • Support from bilingual case workers and volunteers
  • Support to build client confidence through orientation programs
  • Community connection with mainstream health, educational and accommodation services
  • Specialised and intensive services for people with complex needs.

To find out about visas classes eligible for HSP visit the government website.

Elie’s inspiring story

Elie never knew safety growing up. His family were persecuted because of their ethnicity and spent 20 years fleeing war and violence in East Africa.

The best day of Elie’s life came when his family got a call saying they could resettle in Australia. “I couldn’t believe it. We’d been waiting for years.”

When they finally arrived we helped Elie and his family to settle in and connected Elie with opportunities at the local university.

Today, Elie is at university and dreams of being a teacher. “So many teachers changed my life… I feel I can also try to build up and leave a footprint on this earth.”

Elie says his family are living the best life and are happy – and he no longer hears bullets and bombs when he sleeps.

You can help support the program by volunteering

Volunteers are a vital connection between refugees and their new communities. 
We are always on the lookout for friendly and accepting volunteers, who are motivated to work together to create positive settlement experiences.
All experience levels and backgrounds welcome

Volunteer to help refugees

Take action in your community, school or workplace.

Contact Us 

You can also find out more by contacting an HSP office near you. 

New South Wales
318 Urana Rd,                                                                                                                                            Lavington NSW 2641
Phone 02 5963 2999

88 Murray St                                                                                                                                        Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone 02 5963 2966

Level 1, Suite 3, 65-67 Burelli St                                                                                                              Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone 02 8383 7555

Western Australia 

110 Goderich Street 
East Perth WA 6004
Phone 08 9225 8830

Australian Capital Territory

Diversity House -5 Dann Close,                                                                                                               Garran, ACT 2605
Phone 02 6234 7695