Volunteer to help others

Our volunteers help people in our communities feel included and take part.
Our volunteers work with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness from providing a warm meal and a safe place to hang out, to helping them keep a roof over their head once they find accommodation.
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Mental health
Our volunteers support people with mental health issues to connect with their community. They meet with a client regularly and take them on an outing or simply have a chat.
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Migration support
We have services that support refugees, asylum seekers, immigration detainees and other people who are vulnerable as a result of migration. Volunteer roles may include helping clients learn English, or helping to familiarise them with their new surrounds, to school holiday programs for children.
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Children and families
Volunteers serve a healthy breakfast to kids before school, or help parents develop bonds with their children, and teach families how to make healthy meals on a budget.
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Young people
Volunteers help deliver information sessions to young people about mental health, alcohol and other drugs. They also can attend festivals to provide first aid, help young people who are in trouble with the law and help a young person get their driver's licence so they can be independent.
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Older people
Volunteers support older people to remain independent in their own homes and connected to their communities. They might make a phone call to an older person to check that they're ok, or visit someone to provide friendship and support, or drive them to an essential medical appointment.
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Volunteers can work with communities to deliver interactive sessions on feeding a family on a budget, to providing information about mental health, alcohol and other drugs, to helping people navigating their way through the legal system.
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People in the justice system
In Victoria, volunteers offer a friendly face to families visiting a loved one in prison, in SA they mentor young people to break the cycle of offending, in WA they provide nutrition education.
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50 ways to do more good
People want to take humanitarian action in their local communities. You can make a difference by volunteering to do one of our 50 actions.

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