Society of Women Leaders

Women leading through philanthropy.

We are a collective of committed women leaders and philanthropists who work together to advance the mission of Australian Red Cross by embracing and engaging women in our communities, across the country and around the world.

Our Circle of Giving is a group of strong, dedicated women who share a social conscience and want to effect change. We act as advocates for the work of Australian Red Cross through our support of the key programs we select, as well as by raising awareness of the work of the largest humanitarian organisation in the world.

If you are interested in becoming part of our giving circle, we would love to hear from you. Please email our National Chair, Susan Wynne Email us.

Women leading through philanthropy

More than 100 years ago, Lady Helen Munro Ferguson established Australian Red Cross by engaging talented, committed and compassionate women dedicated to a lifesaving mission. In 2014, her tradition continued when the Society of Women Leaders was formed to unite engage a group of generous and highly involved women.

Our ethos

As a collective giving circle of women leaders and philanthropists, we are committed to:

  • advancing the humanitarian mission of Australian Red Cross
  • bringing together like-minded women who are making a difference
  • making a measurable impact on important issues facing our communities
  • improving the lives of vulnerable women, children, families and communities
  • building strategic alliances for change
  • lending our voice to the issues we believe in most
  • leading through philanthropy.

Connecting women leaders around the world

Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders is a part of a global giving circle for women.

By engaging dynamic women from all backgrounds to create this powerful network, we come together to forge friendships and further the work of Australian Red Cross.

Throughout the year, Members can choose to attend unique, informative briefings and events, both in Australia and in conjunction with international chapters USA, UK, Canada and The Netherlands.

Make a lasting, life-changing difference

Women are increasingly taking the initiative when it comes to philanthropy, both at home and through the workplace. Women not only want to see change, they want to be part of the catalyst to effect change.

Around the world, Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders is committed to impact giving, enabling women to have this greater level of involvement in their philanthropy journey.

For key Red Cross projects both in Australia and overseas, Society of Women Leaders Members pool their funds to support programs selected by the giving circle, and may choose to become personally involved with Red Cross as part of their commitment to humanitarian causes.

We invite you to join us.

You are invited to join in friendship with strong, like-minded women. Together, as part of an international network, we can continue a long legacy of women supporting Red Cross, helping people in need, no matter who they are or where they live.

Membership of the Society of Women Leaders begins with an annual gift of $10,000 to Australian Red Cross.

Interested in finding out more about Society of Women Leaders? Email us.

Susan Wynne
National Chair and Member, NSW

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