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Feel-good stories of humanity

Give yourself a lift with these heart-warming tales from around the globe.

Every day, people around the world are helping each other. It’s an instinct that shines through humanity time and time again. If you need a little reminder about the good in the world, check out these feel-good stories. You can also submit your own.

Pulling together for our farmers

Photo: ABC Newcastle/Anthony Scully

It’s always heartening to see how people unite to help others doing it tough. Right now we’re witnessing an outpouring of generosity through monetary donations to our Drought Appeal, but people are coming up with additional ways to provide support to farming communities. Newcastle man Michael Daley wanted to do something for farmers, so he called on other community members and together they collected $40,000 of goods, ranging from milk, to toilet paper and everyday food items. Many people personalised their donation by writing messages of support for the farming families. See more »

Giving farming families a break 

Photo: Katie Hall

Maureen and Darrell Stevens came up with another way to help drought-stricken farmers, shouting two families a holiday to Caloundra. The Bundaberg couple felt compelled to lift the spirits of farming families who are struggling with the drought so they booked two, two-bedroom holiday apartments for a nine day holiday in the coastal paradise. They are now looking for farming families to take a well earnt break. See more »

Baby Gempa lifts hope in Lombok

Photo: IFRC 

Despite the chaos happening around him, this little baby was born safely amongst the rubble of the Lombok earthquake, with the assistance of Red Cross volunteers. Both mum and bub are doing great :-) See more »

Feeling good? Pass it on

If you want some inspiration on how you can do something good, check out our how-to guide.

I want to do something good

Mamma Maria shares love through food

Photo: BBC/Theopi Skarlatos

Maria Makrogianni has opened her restaurant and her home on the Greek island of Samos to thousands of refugees, feeding them with delicious meals. She’s known as Mamma Maria, not only because of her cooking, but for the love, kindness and generosity she shows refugees, making them feel welcome and at home. See more »

Dolls that ‘look like me’

Photo: BBC/Jan Bruck

Winnie Mak was looking for an African doll for her son but found her options were limited – so she went and created a line of ethnically diverse dolls. These cuddly toys allow kids of all backgrounds play with dolls that they can relate to. See more »

Brother and sister reunited

Photo: ICRC

We love family reunions, so this week we’re sharing two…For eight years these siblings in Ukraine didn’t know if the other one was alive, but with the help of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent tracing service they found each other. Watch their tearful reunion.  See more »

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