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Feel-good stories of humanity

Give yourself a lift with these heart-warming tales from around the globe.

Every day, people around the world are helping each other. It’s an instinct that shines through humanity time and time again. If you need a little reminder about the good in the world, check out these feel-good stories. You can also submit your own.

Sikh volunteers drive 700km to deliver food and water to community impacted by bushfires

Gurjit Singh is just one of a group of Sikh volunteers who drove through the night from Melbourne last week to deliver 350 boxes of donated supplies to the bushfire-ravaged community of Braidwood, NSW. “When we came here, to Australia, we had nothing – only like two bags with us,” he said. “So everything we have, we have because Australia gives us a lot of things. So we spread the message that if a bad situation is happening anywhere in the country, we always stand with them.” The donations were very gratefully received. “People are getting exhausted, they've still got to run their jobs, their businesses, their families - so these kinds of gestures from the community mean a lot,” said volunteer firefighter Alex Dunnin. See more »

Penrith Panthers spread holiday joy for sick kids

Rugby League’s Penrith Panthers took some time out from their offseason to spread joy to the kids and their families spending Christmas in the Nepean Hospital. Dressed up in Santa suits, they delivered donated presents and spent some time playing with the kids, bringing smiles to (most of – watch to the end!) their faces. See more »

Local community ‘adopts’ Muslim mates after they drive 10 hours to put on barbeque for bushfire affected town

Photo: ABC News/Luisa Rubbo

“We can’t fight fires but we can put a barbeque on,” said Jawad Nabouche, one of four mates who have just made a second 10 hour trip to Willawarrin to cook for local residents who were evacuated in the wake of approaching bushfires, as well as the firefighters and evacuation centre volunteers. It’s just one of several acts of kindness the community say they’ve been overwhelmed by in the wake of the bushfires, with donations pouring in and people reaching out to see how they can help. The barbeque was a great morale booster for Willawarrin, where many have lost their homes. “When you're down you need that support to keep you up,” said Council Mayor Liz Campbell. “They've become part of Willawarrin, they're our adopted people.” See more »

Feeling good? Pass it on

If you want some inspiration on how you can do something good, check out our how-to guide.

Volunteer firefighters save roadside Christmas tree

Photo: ABC Wide Bay/Megan Hughes

For the past 7 years, Neil and his family have decorated a small pine tree on the side of the main road between Bundaberg and Childers in Queensland. Originally it started as a fun project for the family – some of whom live in Bundaberg and some who live in Childers, but in the years since it’s become a popular sight and community landmark for those who frequent the road over the holiday season. When bushfires went through the area Neil assumed the tree would be lost – but thanks to the efforts of local volunteer firefighters, they were able to save it. “I could see where the fire had been, where it had crossed the road, and I thought, 'oh well, the Christmas tree is gone',” said Neil. “When I heard it had been saved I guess I almost got a bit emotional about it. I thought 'wow, this has really taken off and got a bit of community spirit — a bit of something happening'.” See more »

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