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Feel-good stories of humanity

Give yourself a lift with these heart-warming tales from around the globe.

Every day, people around the world are helping each other. It’s an instinct that shines through humanity time and time again. If you need a little reminder about the good in the world, check out these feel-good stories. You can also submit your own.

Fires don’t stop school formals

Photo: Susan Cullinan

Joy has been volunteering at the evacuation centre at Miriam Vale, in central Queensland during the widespread fires across the state. When grandmother Barb and her twin grand-daughters arrived with nothing but the clothes on their backs, Barb just wanted to make sure her girls could make it to their school formal – but what would they wear? Joy and Barb sprang into action, sorting through donations that had been made to the centre and visited the local op shop to find a dress, eventually finding the perfect ensemble for the sisters. Despite the chaotic and stressful situation the family were experiencing with the fires, the twin girls were able to feel like a million-bucks and enjoy a fun night out with friends for their formal. See more »

City kids get a taste of life in the drought 

Photo: ABC/Gabrielle Johnstone

When deciding on a final year project, year 10 students from a school in Sydney's Inner-West wanted to focus on the drought and its impacts on farming communities. They also wanted to do something to help. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the project saw them raise over $10,000 for people in Gilgandra, a farming community in NSW. They also visited the community to see first-hand what it was like for farmers, families and young people like themselves who were living through the crisis. See more »

Breast milk donations make a huge difference to our littlest humans

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald/Nick Moir

Penny Pearce lost one of her twins when she was only four months pregnant, but went on to deliver her daughter who is now a thriving, healthy 10-month-old. But Penny feels that the short life of the son she lost was not in vain. With an abundant supply of breast milk she was able to donate to the new milk bank in NSW run by the Red Cross Blood Service. The milk bank will supply breast milk to around 1,000 babies across the state every year, who are often premature babies and struggle to digest formula. For them, the supply of breast milk can make a significant difference to their health and survival. See more »

Feeling good? Pass it on

If you want some inspiration on how you can do something good, check out our how-to guide.

I want to do something good

Buddy, sit with me

Photo: BBC/Dougal Shaw

An organisation in Ireland is tackling mental health at a young age by providing ‘buddy benches’ to schools. The concept is simple; if a student is lonely or has no one to play with, they sit on the bench and another student can come and talk to them. Students are taught about the benches and how they work so they all look out for each other. In an additional boost to supporting positive mental health, the benches have been made by volunteers of mens' sheds, which are safe places for men to meet, talk and connect. See more »

A teeny-tiny philanthropist

Photo: BBC/Kathryn McCallum 

For some people, the desire to give and help others starts at a very young age, like six-year-old Poppy from Scotland. Last year she watched a telethon known as Children in Need and begged her mum to make a donation. That spurred Poppy on to start saving her pocket money throughout the year so she could brighten up the lives of people this Christmas. She raised 200 pounds which she’s used to buy 40 boxes of lollies and treats for kids in hospital, and also donated to two other charities. See more »

A young achiever

Photo: Facebook

Speaking of young people compelled to give, Matthew Etherington has made it his priority to take action to help others. Not only does he volunteer with refugees and asylum seekers for Red Cross in Tasmania, and sits on our Youth Advisory Committee, but he also works with the Big Issue, using sport to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. Matthew has also arranged Mental Health First Aid training for 330 university students and organised a social connection summit in Tasmania. And that’s all when he’s not studying his Law degree! His efforts were recently recognised when he won the Tasmanian Community Achievement Award for Innovation in Mental, Social and Emotional Wellbeing. See more »

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