The COVID Collective podcast

A series to help you stay safe, well and socially connected.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us indoors, but that doesn’t mean we are isolated. We are all finding new ways to connect with friends, family and colleagues, drawing on our humour, creativity and resilience to get each other through these stressful and confusing times.

To help you and those around you stay safe, physically and emotionally well, and socially connected, we've launched a podcast series, The COVID Collective.

Presented by Francis Leach from the ABC, the series looks at a range of topics, from better understanding and regulating the range of emotions we are feeling around the pandemic, to First Nations’ perspectives of community, connection and culture.

Episode 1: Surviving Isolation

We might be isolating – but we don’t have to be alone. Psychologist Dr Rob Gordon offers advice on managing the emotional impact of what’s happening, while disaster resilience expert John Richardson provides practical tips to stay connected and bring back joy.

Episode 2: The Community in your Living Room

As we stay home to save lives, a new kind of community is needed – one unbound by distance, one grounded in kindness. In this episode, Sue-Anne Hunter discusses the enduring sense of community among First Nations peoples, while Dr Catherine Barrett talks about how a Facebook page turned into a viral kindness movement. This episode will lift you up and make you smile.

Episode 3: Playing by New Rules

Exercise is both vital and difficult right now. But what happens when you’re a professional athlete? Steph Catley of the Matildas talks about her new at-home training regime, while Andrew Clark from Football Federation Australia shares insights on how elite athletes and sporting clubs have adapted their routines.

Episode 4: The Art of the Phone Call

Phones are being used for everything but their original purpose: a good old chinwag. Disaster recovery expert Shona Whitton explains how regular phone conversations can help people cope much better with crisis. Meanwhile, Red Cross volunteer Peter Brosnan has been calling people in quarantine due to COVID-19. He has a wealth of useful tips and quirky stories.

Episode 5: In Isolation, Creativity is Born

While all but essential workers are hunkered down at home, artists and performers are searching for new ways to entertain, inspire and of course earn an income. Actor Dacre Montgomery talks about the need for escapism during a crisis, while breakthrough singer Montaigne explains how she coped with the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 and where her creative energy is going now.

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