Speak Up

How to identify, report and act on risks, accidents and near misses to prevent harm.
Everybody has a responsibility for keeping people safe at Australian Red Cross. So we’re asking you to “Speak Up” if you have any concerns.

Our work has and will always involve risk, and managing those risks is something we all do as part of Australian Red Cross. But without everyone’s vigilance and support in identifying issues, we’re just guessing.

Whether you are an employee, member or volunteer, it’s up to all people who make up our movement to confidently identify, report and act on risks, accidents and near misses – to speak up when we see them, so our clients, communities and all Red Cross people are safe and supported, and that we all act ethically and respectfully.

Speak Up is our “no blame, no wrong door” approach to managing risk and safety at Red Cross.

Speaking up on risks and incidents is an important part of how we learn, how we improve and how we build trust-based relationships with our stakeholders that enable us to deliver on our purpose and vision.

If you’re not sure whether something is a concern or a risk, or even if something just doesn’t feel quite right, let us know – it's better to be safe than sorry. If you help us identify issues, our expert teams will be able to support you – and make sure these are addressed appropriately.

Have a concern? It’s easy to Speak Up.

Simply click on the Speak Up button below to report on any issues or concerns involving:

  • Work Health & Safety (including psychosocial safety)
  • Child, Adult Client and Safeguarding
  • Fraud
  • Modern Slavery
  • Privacy
  • Asset Security (property damage or theft of physical assets: work computers, phones, cars, etc)
  • Other incidents (which do not fit in any of the previous categories)

Other helpful numbers

There are other channels that you can use when you need to report an issue or concern, if you’re seeking advice or need emergency assistance. Here’s a helpful guide:

  • If the situation is an emergency, your first action should be to contact 000.
  • If you have a concern of a criminal nature that you’d rather not report via internal channels, you can still use STOPLINE, simply call 1300 304 550 or go to redcross.stoplinereport.com
  • If you feel or see an ethical dilemma and need guidance to inform your decision, contact ETHI-CALL for free, confidential, independent advice from the Ethics Centre, simply call 1800 672 303.
Thank you!

By speaking up on any incidents, issues or concerns, you will be helping Australian Red Cross:

  • ensure all Red Cross people, clients and children we come in contact with as part of Red Cross work are physically, psychologically, socially, financially and legally safe
  • protect the data of our people, clients, donors and supporters
  • address any risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains
  • identify and address professional boundary breaches with our technology and assets
  • prevent fraud.
Need support?

If you are a member and need help reporting an issue, please reach out to your Community Mobilisation Team.

If you are a volunteer, please seek support from your manager.

If you are a donor, supporter, partner or member of the public, please contact our Customer Care team who will be able to guide you through this process.

Privacy collection notice

We take your privacy seriously and want you to understand how we manage the personal information you give us via Speak Up and the Incident Report Form.

Read our Privacy Collection Notice.

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