Privacy collection notice

COVID-19 Emergency Relief - Vulnerable Migrants on Temporary Visas Assistance

Who is collecting the information?
Australian Red Cross Society including its employees and volunteers.

Privacy concerns can be sent to:
Head of Legal
Australian Red Cross
23-47 Villiers Street

Phone 1800 RED CROSS (733 276)

Facts and circumstances of collection
We may collect your information:

  • directly from you or your guardian;
  • from your family and friends; and
  • from other organisations that provide services to you. This includes, but is not limited to, government departments/agencies or other entities who provide your personal information to enable Red Cross to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We only collect information about you from other organisations where the information is necessary for us to continue to provide services to you.

The information that you provide includes your personal information. Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles. Your personal information collected is used primarily for Red Cross’ purposes.

Is the collection being made because a law or Court order applies?
No law or Court order applies to the collection of this information.

Why does Red Cross need to collect this information?
We need to collect this information so:

  • we can provide social support services to you;
  • we can arrange for other organisations to provide accommodation, health and other social support services to you;
  • we can contact you or the person you have asked us to contact on your behalf in an emergency situation; or
  • we can help confirm or reschedule your appointments with Red Cross or other organisations, such as medical clinics.

The primary purpose for which the information is being collected
The primary purpose of collecting this information is to provide support services to you that meet your humanitarian needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We may provide the support services directly to you or we may refer you to other organisations to provide services to you.

What happens if Red Cross doesn't collect this information?
If Red Cross does not collect this information from you, we may be unable to provide you with some or all of the support services you may be eligible to receive.

We will be unable to assist without recording your real name.

The organisations we usually disclose this information to
We coordinate with many other organisations to provide social support services to you. To do this, we may need to disclose your personal information to other organisations that provide services to you or fund the services provided to you.

These organisations include:

  • Health Providers (for example, your doctor, hospital, dentist, pharmacist and other medical care providers)
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Accommodation and housing Providers, including hotels, emergency accommodation services, real estate agents and other organisation as maybe required to find you temporary or permanent housing
  • Educational Providers, including schools and organisations that provide English language classes and other training
  • Childcare providers
  • Employment Services
  • Legal Service Providers
  • Commonwealth Government Departments
  • Government Departments in your State or Territory that provide education and social services.

We acknowledge and accept that you provide information to us on a confidential basis.

In submitting an application for support services, you agree that we will share only the information that that organisation needs to provide you with services or to fund the services provided to you.

We may be compelled to disclose your information to an organisation in certain circumstances. In such cases of mandatory disclosure, we will endeavour to inform you prior to disclosing your information.

Access and correction
Information about accessing your information and requesting corrections is set out in the Red Cross Privacy Policy at You can request a hard copy of our privacy policy by contacting:

Head of Legal
Australian Red Cross Society
23–47 Villiers St North Melbourne VIC 3051&

Tel: 1800 RED CROSS (733 276)
Fax: 61 3 9345 1800&

Information about how to complain is also in the Red Cross Privacy Policy. You can also complain direct to the Privacy Commissioner at

SA Information Sharing Guidelines
If you are in South Australia this part applies to you.

The SA Information Sharing Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Wellbeing (ISG) provides South Australian organisations and agencies with a clear and state-wide approach to appropriate sharing of personal information which actively promotes safety and wellbeing, whilst respecting privacy.

Red Cross will seek and respect your consent to share information with another agency in all situations unless:

  • We are obliged by law to disclose your information regardless of consent; or
  • It is impracticable to seek your consent, or you have refused consent, but the disclosure is reasonably necessary to prevent or lessen a serious threat to the life, health or safety of a person or group of people.

Will my information be stored offshore?
Your information is stored onshore in Australia by Australian Red Cross.

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