Women's Safety Summit concludes

8 September 2021

Australian Red Cross welcomed the opportunity to contribute to better outcomes by participating in the National Summit for Women’s Safety this week, and support the development of Australia’s National Plan on the Prevention of Violence against Women and their Children.

Red Cross, most recently through its work with women on temporary visas, has seen more women coming forward for support having experienced family or domestic violence (FDV). In 2020, the proportion of people in its migration “emergency relief” casework program experiencing FDV went from 2% to 10%.

Head of Migration Programs Vicki Mau says, “Escaping family and domestic violence is particularly challenging for women on temporary visas as their visa status is often used as a means of control.

“This group is also unlikely to have access to income support, to Medicare, or housing support.

“Earlier this year in April we welcomed the Federal Government funded pilot program with Red Cross, family and domestic violence services and legal support, which provides increased short-term assistance for this group.

“We look forward to continuing to work with government on the National Action Plan to support any further measures to assist women on temporary visas,” she said.

Across Australia, Red Cross also delivers support to people who have experienced trafficking, and provides broader emergency relief to people on temporary visas.

Ms. Mau welcomed the collaboration at the two-day summit.

“These issues are complex, urgent, and need a whole of government, and whole of community approach. “This Action Plan is an opportunity to provide leadership, embed collaboration, and harness collective efforts to ensure women and their children are safe, and have their humanitarian needs met.”

“We look forward to continuing to work with government and the sector to amplify, listen and learn from the voices of lived experience, doing what we can to make the Action Plan a live document that drives critical outcomes for those most in need.”

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