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5 ways you can help refugees

Easy things you can do to make your local community an even more welcoming, more inclusive place to live.

Red Cross volunteer helping a refugee in our community garden.

People who are refugees come from all walks of life. Each person’s journey to find a home where they can live safely, make connections, and achieve their goals is individual to them.

Each person has their own hopes, interests, and talents – it’s these unique differences that make our communities rich and vibrant, and that we celebrate!

To make our communities stronger and more connected, here are five things you can do in your local community.

Tip 1: Get informed and hear from those who've experienced it themselves. 

Suggest that your school or community group learns more by inviting someone who is a refugee or migrant to share their story. Hearing firsthand about migration experiences can help break down barriers and build understanding.

There are many questions and misunderstandings about people seeking safety. That’s why Red Cross is offering schools, community groups, and workplaces a chance to discuss the issues they hear about on the news.

Our sessions offer a neutral and impartial space to ask questions, encourage conversations, and foster empathy. They combine facts, thought-provoking presentations, and enlightening stories from people with first-hand experience of seeking safety and being granted protection.

There are also plenty of ways you can learn more. The following organisations have some great resources:

SBS Go Back to Where You Came From 
Refugee Council of Australia 
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

If we aren’t in your area, Red Cross can help you connect with another local organisation who is.

Find out more or book a session. 

Tip 2: Give someone an opportunity through employment

Finding work and a place to call home is one of the highest priorities for refugees in Australia. Most are eager to work but find it hard to access the networks many of us take for granted.

If you are an employer then employing someone can transform their life. Red Cross and our partners can help you find great candidates. We can also offer workplace cross-cultural training and mentoring to help you and your new employee get off to a great start.  Where we can’t, we can link you to local organisations that can help you find the right people and make a real difference to someone's future.

Share an employment opportunity or find out more.

Tip 3: Help a family find a place to call home

Stable housing is the key to effective settlement. Newly-arrived refugees can find it hard to get a home in the private rental market, as their income in the first year living in Australia is often very low and they have no previous rental history in Australia.

A home is the place that gives us comfort and safety, where memories are made, and is the foundation on which everything else sits. If you’re a property owner or real estate agent and want to help someone find a place to call home, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at 

Tip 4: Share your skills by volunteering 

Red Cross is just one of many organisations in the community working to support people seeking asylum, refugees, and migrants. Opportunities are varied and may see you running an informative session in a school or perhaps mentoring people to assist them into employment. If you want to make a positive difference, get in touch with us or a local organisation to find out how you can share your skills and say welcome.

Tip 5: Donate  

Consider donating to Red Cross to support refugees and people seeking asylum. There are many ways your donation can help and remember every dollar counts. Make a donation today. Consider donating to Red Cross to support refugees and people seeking asylum. There are many ways your donation can help and remember every dollar counts.

Make a donation today. 

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