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Find My Family: Restoring Family Links

Help with tracing family members and finding missing loved ones.

A reconnected family from Red Cross tracing service.

Have you been separated from family by war, disaster or migration? Red Cross might be able to help you.

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Phone 1800 875 199 (free call from a landline)

Afghanistan crisis

Our hearts go out to those worried about friends and family in Afghanistan. Have you lost contact with relatives because of the current crisis? We may be able to help you re-establish contact.

د افغانستان بحران

زمونږ زړونه له هغو کسانو ته ځی چی په افغانسټان کی دملګرو او کورنی په اړه اندیښمند دي٠ آیا تاسو داوسنی بحران له امله دخپلوانو سره اړیکی له لاسه ورکړی؟ مونږ ممکن تاسو داړیکی بیا تنظیم کولویی مرسټه وکړو

بحران افغانستان

ما به این طریق احساسات قلبی خود را برای آنعده کسانی که بخاطر فامیل و دوستان شان در افغانستان نگران هستند ابراز میداریم. ایا ارتباطات تان بخاطر وضع بحرانی کنونی با اقارب تان قطع شده است؟ ما ممکن است که بتوانیم شما را در بر قراری ارتباطات مجدد تان کمک کنیم

Day of the Disappeared: Restoring Family links

Australian Red Cross is part of the global Restoring Family Links network

We can help:

  • find a family member missing as a result of war, disaster or migration through family tracing

  • send a message to a relative where there is no formal means of communication 

  • check the welfare of a relative overseas whom you are unable to reach due to illness or other circumstances 

  • by providing you with a confirmation of detention if the International Committee of the Red Cross visited you in detention overseas.

Our service is free of charge and confidential.

Red Cross cannot accept requests when there is not enough information to conduct a search, when it is for genealogical research or relates to legal matters like wills and child custody.

Hayfa's story

Hayfa is on a search to find her husband. She last saw him when they were separated by fighters in their Yazidi village, in northern Iraq.

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In this interactive presentation we take you on the journey of a young girl called Nadine. You have the chance to experience her story and decide what you would do if you found yourself in Nadine’s situation.