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Youth services and programs

Support for young people

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Adolescence is a time of rapid development and change. Most young people are generally happy and healthy, however, one in four experience mental health problems in a 12 month period, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

When youths and teens know about the support systems available to them, they can be better equipped to take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

Many people experiment with alcohol and other drugs during adolescence. With support and education, the likelihood of drug and alcohol-related emergencies and recurring mental health problems in the future can be greatly reduced.

About Red Cross Youth Services

Red Cross works to provide youth support services through the very important period of rapid change in their lives.

Youths and teens inspire many of our programs, which are designed to inform, educate, support and promote the health, wellbeing and safety of young Australians.

Young people are being assisted in most current and emerging health issues, particularly issues related to mental health, alcohol and other drug use.

Red Cross enables young people to access the knowledge, skills and resources that will increase their ability to stay safe and to seek help when needed.

We aim to increase skills of young people to take care of themselves and to support their friends, through programs like save-a-mate.