Services for people in the justice system

Our aim is to improve the lives of offenders and their families and to contribute to improved community outcomes.

How Red Cross helps

In helping offenders, families and at-risk youth, Red Cross works to achieve the following.

Red Cross programs for people in the justice system

Community Based Health and First Aid program
Prisoner volunteers work with prison staff and Red Cross facilitators to identify and address health, safety and wellbeing needs within their community.

Prisoner Support Program
Peer support for new inmates and inmates in need of support. Currently provided in Tasmania.

Register of Appropriate Support Persons (RASP)
RASP is a volunteer focussed program that provides support for young people who are required to be interviewed or charged by police. RASP volunteers provide support when no other parent, support person or guardian can be present. During these interactions, volunteers help young people to feel confident that their rights will be upheld and that they will be treated fairly before, during and after the interview and/or charging process. Currently provided in Darwin and surrounds, Katherine and Alice Springs.

Police Call Outs
The Police Call Outs program provides suitably trained volunteers to be present with a young person (defined as aged 10 up to 18 years) whilst they are held in police custody. Red Cross volunteers work to minimise the stress and anxiety that a young person may experience when arrested and help to ensure young people's rights are respected and upheld. Currently provided in SA.

Justice Reinvestment
In partnership with Justice Reinvestment South Australia, Tiraapendi Wodli and the Aboriginal community living in Port Adelaide Red Cross launched a Justice Reinvestment site that strengthens the health, safety and lives of Aboriginal families in the region. A key part is the development of an “Aboriginal community hub”, a place for community members to design and implement initiatives to address the underlying causes of crime and to support Aboriginal families in the Port Adelaide and western metropolitan area to live healthy, safe and culturally strong lives.

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