Streetwise First Aid is an innovative training delivery method designed by Red Cross, to ensure people with learning difficulties, language and literacy issues, have free access to life saving skills and accredited training.

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How does Streetwise First Aid (SWFA) work?

A host organisation must either secure funding through a 'Funding Body' or work with Red Cross to source a 'Funding Body' who provides the financial resources to allow the students to train for free. Red Cross facilitates the unique model which includes:

  • Funding Body – an organisation which provides the funds to enable groups of up to 10 people to become accredited in the vital skills of First Aid
  • Host Organisation – who is responsible for finding the students, providing a suitable venue, sourcing the Mentors and providing catering on the day of the course
  • Red Cross First Aid and Mental Health - Registered Training Organisation (RTOID 3605) – who is responsible for providing the accredited training

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Students are awarded the nationally recognised qualification Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID010) which is a standard level of First Aid required in many Australian workplaces. Students will be versed in the skills and techniques for sustaining life and promoting recovery in everyday occurrences of accident and injury.

How does Streetwise First Aid benefit students?

The Streetwise Model provides important skills and training that enhance vulnerable people's opportunities to enter into work, training and community involvement.

Successful completion of SWFA contributes to an increase in vulnerable people's sense of confidence and self esteem by teaching skills that are valuable in helping others. The program encourages access to formalised training for people that may have had previous bad experiences with structured learning situations. As such, success in Streetwise First Aid may stimulate engagement in further learning opportunities for students.

How does Streetwise differ from other First Aid training courses?

Streetwise First Aid uses storytelling, realistic role-playing and simulated injury scenarios to replace the reading and writing content of a regular First Aid course.

Assessment is achieved using motivational interviewing techniques and student-lead demonstrations. The program is suitable for delivery outdoors or in any environment that students are comfortable with using.

Scenarios discussed are drawn from the student's life experiences. First Aid resources used and demonstrated are comparable with those that would be found in the student's natural surroundings for instance, using clothing or rags for pressure bandages. Group sizes are intentionally kept small for intensive, individualised teaching and thorough assessment of competence.

To find out more information or register your interest as either a host organisation or funding body, please email us or call 1800 733 276ā€‹.

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