First Aid for dogs and cats

Essential first aid basics for a happy and safe pet.

Pet First Aid

Just like humans, pets get injured and ill. Knowing what to do before you get to the vet can save their life.

First Aid Courses and Kits for you

Pet First Aid Course

Pet First Aid is an Australian veterinary-approved online course. In 60 minutes learn essential cat and dog first aid basics and be ready for any emergency.

Pet First Aid Course + Kit Bundle

Save 20% with our Pet First Aid Course and Kit Bundle. Do the course and get a kit packed with essential first aid supplies for every pet-friendly home.

Learn simple pet first aid skills

  • Designed specifically for dog and cat owners.
  • Developed by veterinary experts at American Red Cross.
  • Australian veterinary-approved.
  • Learn how to check your pet’s vital signs.
  • Respond to critical emergencies, like wounds and seizures.
  • Complete online in 30 - 60 minutes.
  • Receive a certificate on completion.
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First Aid for humans

Learn first aid and mental health first aid for your human friends and family through a nationally-recognised Red Cross course near you.

Know what's normal for your dog or cat

Three simple vital sign tests you can do to check all is well with your beloved cat or dog.

Ten top tips to keep your dog healthy

Well-known small animal medicine specialist, Dr Philip H Brain, shares his advice on keeping dogs healthy and happy.

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