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First Aid and Mental Health Training

Learn First Aid with a trusted and experienced First Aid training organisation.

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Important Training Course Updates

First Aid and Mental Health classroom training is available for bookings. Enhanced infection control and hygiene measures are in place and physical distancing measures adhered to. All our trainers have received COVID-19 training. 

Changes to CPR and classroom exercises
To reduce contact, students will not be required to demonstrate first aid techniques on others. CPR training and assessment have been changed to avoid direct contact with performing the 2 breaths on the manikins.

If you have flu-like symptoms
Please do not attend classroom training if you are sick or experiencing any flu-like symptoms. Red Cross will waive transfer fees for any student who needs to reschedule on the basis of health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are waiting for results of a COVID-19 test
Please do not attend classroom training until you have your results and they are negative. Red Cross will waive transfer fees for any student who needs to reschedule on this basis.

How to rebook a course
To rebook a course simply call 1800 733 276 or email us at

The national regulator who oversees First Aid training is making some updates to First Aid courses in 2021. These changes are being made to ensure industry best practice, expectations and current regulations are met and that students are competent in skills and when to use the skills in first aid situations.

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First aid kit.

First Aid kits and AEDs

Whether at home, work or play, Red Cross recommends you have a First Aid kit nearby at all times in case of an emergency.

Red Cross emergency preparedness app

First Aid app

Your free pocket guide to CPR and access to the most up to date first aid information anytime, anywhere.

First Aid for babies & children webinar

Learn the skills to deliver first aid for common child related injuries. 2-hour live online course.

Man performing CPR

First Aid Basics guide

First Aid for bleeding, bites, burns, basic life support and more. This information will help you cope with emergencies.

First Aid for babies and children guide

Be confident to help a baby or child in an emergency. Start by learning these simple First Aid skills.

NSW Office of Sport Defib Grants

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All AED packages we offer include:

  • FREE delivery
  • FREE annual AED maintenance email reminder
  • FREE printable first aid management plan
  • FREE Basic Life Support Flow Chart printable poster
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Red Cross First Aid and Mental Health training is a nationally registered training organisation. Australian Red Cross Society RTOID 3605

Read our Red Cross First Aid and Mental Health Code of Practice or download the Student Handbook. View the Red Cross AQTF Audit Report.