EmergencyRedi workshops

Working alongside communities to strengthen resilience and prepare for disasters.

A Red Cross EmergencyRedi workshop in progress

EmergencyRedi workshops support people to learn about preparing for emergencies and take steps towards building their individual and household resilience.

EmergencyRedi workshops are flexible and can be adapted to local contexts and tailored to suit different audiences. Participants learn about the practical, psychological and social steps they can take to prepare for emergencies and minimise the impacts of disaster and other crises on their lives.

EmergencyRedi workshops are:

  • flexible and can be run anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on the requirements of the group
  • tailored to the needs and context of the group
  • held at a time and place convenient for the group
  • relaxed and informal
  • interactive and include real examples and anecdotes, facilitated discussions and activities
  • focused on practical ways you can prepare for emergencies

The cover of the Red Cross RediPlan


EmergencyRedi workshops rely on the content contained in Australian Red Cross’ award-winning RediPlan.

RediPlan is a household emergency plan that applies to all kinds of emergencies and crises.

EmergencyRedi workshops use RediPlan to frame conversations on the actions people can take to prepare for disasters. During the workshop, participants are supported to complete a RediPlan emergency plan for their household.

EmergencyRedi workshops can cover:

  • What is preparedness?
  • Why it is important to be prepared for emergencies
  • Preparing your mind for emergencies
  • How to assess your own risks and capacities
  • How to prepare your household for an emergency
  • Guidance on completing your own emergency RediPlan
  • Other ways you can take action to prepare yourself, your household and your community

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