Strengthening your community’s resilience

Red Cross works alongside communities as they strengthen their disaster resilience.

In recent years, we have all felt the impacts of disasters: drought, floods, fires, storms or the pandemic.

We’ve also seen the importance of community: that it’s neighbours, passers-by and loved ones who are often there to provide support and help first, and in the long term.

We’ve seen that communities have the capacity to cope with and recover from disasters.

Red Cross works to reduce the psychosocial impacts of any disasters, the impacts on people’s wellbeing and their relationships with the people around them. We work alongside communities to develop a shared understanding of their strengths, risks and role before, during and after a disaster.

Our program creates opportunities for community members to connect and work together to develop locally appropriate, community-led activities to strengthen their resilience. Every community is different so our approach is flexible and responsive to community needs and priorities as these evolve and/or emerge.

Our approach

Red Cross provides support, workshop facilitation and links community members with specialist services, guidance and other communities undertaking similar work.

Our community-led process

The process of strengthening resilience is ongoing and the pace will be determined by the community. The aim of Red Cross is to support the community through the first iteration of this cycle.

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