Working alongside communities to strengthen resilience and prepare for disasters.

Australian Red Cross is partnering with communities to run RediCommunities, a series of community-led workshops aimed at strengthening community resilience and preparing for disasters.

Our approach

Red Cross provides support, facilitates workshops, and links community members with specialist services, guidance and other communities undertaking similar work. We recognise that every community is unique and therefore best placed to develop meaningful solutions for strengthening their resilience locally.

Our workshops

RediCommunities workshops take participants through a process, beginning with creating shared understandings of resilience, disasters, and their impacts. Using a strengths-based approach, we facilitate community-led conversations, interactive activities, and use our RediCommunities Resilience Assessment Tool.

We then assist communities to identify community strengths that can be leveraged and identify any gaps to be addressed. Finally, we support community members to collectively decide on priorities, brainstorm potential solutions, and develop a local resilience action plan.

RediCommunities creates opportunities for community members to connect and work together to develop locally appropriate, community-led activities to strengthen their resilience. Workshops are adaptable depending on the context of your community, and can include:

  • Understanding disasters and their impacts.
  • Community mapping exercises.
  • Understanding the shared responsibilities of individuals, communities, government and emergency services before, during and after disasters.
  • Assessing and understanding current community resilience strengths and areas for improvement through the use of the RediCommunities Resilience Assessment Tool.
  • Understanding the importance of community connectedness, wellbeing, security and access to information.
  • Development of community-owned resilience action plans.

RediCommunities workshops are part of our overall approach to strengthening community resilience through our Disaster Resilience Program. Every community is different. Therefore, our approach is flexible and responsive to community needs and priorities as these emerge.

Through the efforts of the RediCommunities program, [our community] has experienced substantial positive change. Not only has the program bolstered resilience, but it has also fostered a stronger sense of unity, cooperation, and overall well-being within the community. The value of this work in [our community] has been significant.
RediCommunities participant in Victoria

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