Often people choose to commemorate the life of a loved one by asking for donations rather than flowers at the funeral or memorial service. Organising the funeral of a loved one can be immensely stressful and Australian Red Cross is indebted to those who choose to ask for donations to be given to charity at this time.

Most funeral directors will help you collect donations in lieu of flowers by contacting us for a supply of special donation envelopes that will be available at the funeral. Alternatively, we can send these directly to a family member. We will send a letter and receipt to every person who makes an In Memoriam donation.

An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the family, along with the names of people who made a donation. If you wish to receive In Memoriam donations when you pass away, it may be helpful to inform your friends and family, executor or include instructions in your Will.

If you would like us to send you complimentary donation envelopes please call us today on 1800 RED CROSS (733 276) or email contactus@redcross.org.au.

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