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George Najarian


George Najarian, also known as “Ginger George", was born to Armenian parents in the city of Aleppo, Syria. As the first-born child of the family, George took on the responsibility of looking after his mother and three younger siblings after the sudden loss of his father when George was 16.

Despite of all the challenges, he passionately studied engineering of mechatronics until one day his sisters’ school was bombed. He and his family then moved to Lebanon before coming to Australia after being granted Australian humanitarian visas.

During the war, he and his friends successfully gathered more than 300 young university students in a student association to activate and encourage them to face the war and to contribute to the community by organising educational and social activities.

He arrived in Australia in 2017 with his family, and from the very first day he dedicated himself to volunteering and giving back to the community. In the past two years George has delivered more than 20 speeches to schools, churches and community groups to encourage them to welcome refugees and to offer friendship. Through this he became a public figure in the community and has been featured on several national and international TV and radio shows such as “Go Back Where You Came From” by SBS and “The Drum” by ABC.

George passionately volunteers with more than 7 organisations, has dedicated over 500 hours to volunteering and has travelled nationally and internationally to represent refugees. He was also awarded a highly commended Youth Volunteer Of The Year 2018 award by Youth Work. He is currently studying a diploma in engineering and has a professional background in 3D jewellery design.


Surviving a bloody war.

Family and life.

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