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Join our growing network of changemakers and help shape the future.  

Meet our passionate REDxYouth Committee

Caitlin Figueiredo

Fearless, service, dreamer, animal lover, boundary crusher. I am a proud multicultural woman and founder of Jasiri Australia. After having experienced life threatening gender based violence and witnessing first hand structural inequality, I am on a mission to eradicate gender based violence and leadership inequality through tapping into our fearless conscience.

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Evie Kuang

Calm, positive, thoughtful, kind, yogi. Eveline is a wellness advocate and long-time volunteer with the Red Cross Roadhouse program in the ACT. She has served on the ACT Youth Advisory Committee, National Youth Advisory Committee and is now the National Youth Member.

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Elvis Martin

Passionate, compassionate, advocate, kind, creative. I am passionate about working hard in the community in social justice and equality! I am a voice for young people, I am an R U Ok? Day & National Youth Commission Ambassador. I am passionate about promoting compassion and equality. “Don't doubt yourself if you are capable enough to make a difference, if you care about the issues and passionate about it then you can make a difference at any age.”

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George Najarian

Passionate, ginger, Syrian-Armenian refugee advocate. I'm "Ginger George,” an award winning Armenian refugee from Syria. Since my arrival in 2017 I've volunteered with more than 7 organisations, spent over 500 hours volunteering, raised more than $10,000 and launched scholarships for refugees. I travel across NSW to advocate for refugees and social cohesion.

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Marlee Silva

Passionate, determined, positive, goofy, perfectionist. I am a proud Kamilaroi/Dunghutti woman committed to using all my energy to make the world a better place for my people and culture. I’ve been working for my community my entire adult life and because of the Indigenous young changemakers around me, I am certain we’re about to see the next wave of change.

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