Personalise your online fundraising page.
Let people know why raising money for Australian Red Cross is important to you. You can also upload a profile image and set your fundraising target.

Get the ball rolling and sponsor yourself!
It sets a great example for friends and family and shows your commitment to the work of Australian Red Cross.

Ask your workplace to dollar match.
Ask your boss if they're able to support you by matching every dollar you raise. Open our email template to get you on your way.

Tell your supporters why every dollar counts.
Every dollar raised goes towards supporting the most vulnerable in the community. Use the guides provided on your fundraising page, eg. $20 can help connect an older person to essential medical and community services.

Get sharing.
Share your fundraising page on social media and email everyone and anyone you know to tell them what you're planning and how they can support you. Share your progress on social media.

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